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What address to use to reach the Ticonderoga site

OK this post is going to sound weird, but it is a basic request.  If you are trying to reach this site or if you have a link to this site, please use 

Back when we first started the USS Ticonderoga website in the late 90’s it had a very long website address.  It was originally hosted on a crew member’s private AOL homepage.  Later it had moved to other free spaces that comes with different ISPs.  This made it difficult to post it on flyers and other advertising in an attempt to promote the group.  We eventually discovered a free service that shortened the address from to  It was shorter, it was trekkie, it was free (something very good for a fan club that didn’t charge dues to join).  When the service was started, it didn’t have ads.  Later we found a service that allowed us to register the domain name that we have today for a reasonable cost.  We have been using this domain name for 6+ years. 

Setting up our new site we wanted to know more about our visitors.  How did they find us, what did they look at, how long were they on the site, etc.  Google Analytics is one of the tools we use to track this information.  It has helped us check to see what areas need to be improved and what areas visitors like to see.  It also brought up an interesting result.  Someone using and ISP based in Utah has visited our site from the old address.  (when we first set up the domain, we forwarded the address to the domain name)  This isn’t a once or twice thing, over 30 hits to the site from this one visitor come from the address.  Google Analytics will tell us some things about our visitors, but it won’t tell us specifically who the visitor is.  So to our visitor, 1- Thank you for coming by on a regular basis.  We hope that you are finding the information on this site informative and entertaining.  2- Can you update the bookmark to the proper www domain name?  If this is from a site that has a link, let us know which site it is and we will contact them to get it updated.  I’m not certain if still has pop up ads, but if we can make your visit more enjoyable by avoiding them, that would be a plus as well.  To all of our other loyal visitors, I hope you enjoyed this brief history into the Ticonderoga website.

USS Ticonderoga site is now live

We are now declaring that the new USS Ticonderoga site is live and officially launched.  This site has two purposes.  1- To introduce the USS Ticonderoga to potential new friends and members.  2- Information warehouse for Ticonderoga crewmembers looking for information on ADVOTs, club history, submitting reports, club flyers, rank advancements, etc.  This site was made for you.

At our July 14th  meeting we had a chance to present the site to the crew.  The Weber County Library has a computer cart with a projector screen so we were able to display the site on the movie screen.  We went over the different sections including the Online Application for new members and the Online Duty Report form for existing members (now both active).  We also showed off the Crew section with all of the individual Departments (with the photos and details of the crew.  We still need your info and photos for this section.  We also need crew submissions for the Spirit Guide section of the website.

This blog will be used as a source of information and entertainment for the Ticonderoga crew.  We will post news about the club, the Seventh Fleet and Star Trek/SF.  There will be crew highlights, trivia questions and caption contests.  PMPs will be awarded to members who post comments on the blog.

We are still working on the Photo Album and a few other sections.  And we will always be making improvements.  It was also suggested that we have a Shuttles section (crewmembers who have named their own vehicles as shuttles).  Several sections on the USS Ticonderoga site were suggested by different crewmembers. 

So what is your favorite section of the new site?  Post a comment here and let us know.

USS Ticonderoga meeting on July 14

The second Wednesday is approaching on July 14 and it is time once again for the USS Ticonderoga meeting.  We will be meeting at the Weber County Library on 25th and Jefferson.  Head to the basement meeting rooms by 7:00pm.  Our socialization time will take place in the classroom.  Then we will be moving over to the main auditorium for a special presentation on the movie screen.  Acting Captain Dave Stock will be presiding the meeting and we have some new orders and rank advancements to present.  We have our largest attendance at these meetings so this would be the best time to bring in a friend as a possible recruit.

Website migration is 95% complete

We are still working very hard to get the new USS Ticonderoga website ready for it’s official launch at the July 14th meeting.  The big item remaining is the online Photo Album.  We are trying to set it up so that crewmembers can contribute photos on their own without having to go through the webmaster.  We are also working with the Engineering department for different Ticonderoga merchandise photos and options for the Quartermaster section.  We are currently working on documentation (flyers and ads) for the Download section.  The download section will constantly be updated with new wallpapers, ADVOTs and past newsletters (we are trying to get these last items scanned to PDF).  When the site is live we will have the online application and online duty report form activated.  The Crew section had a massive update from the last couple of pages including individual photos of crewmembes with details on each member.  We are still gathering photos and information for the Departments section.  If your information needs to be updated, please let us know.  We are still trying to find any links we may have in our links section.  There is one more starship named USS Ticonderoga we need to add to the Namesakes section.  We need more crew additions to the Spirit Guide section.  There is one more source we need to check to help update the Past Events section.  We are still looking for a few more videos and articles for our In The News section. 

Other sections we may add (but may not be ready in time for the official launch) include a Trophy Case (where we can show off gifts and letters from other organizations) and an online guide to the Seventh Fleet/USS Ticonderoga medals and awards.

What do you guys think so far?  Any feedback or suggestions?

Happy 4th of July

Independence Day is on Sunday.  This weekend a lot of us will be celebrating the Fourth of July in many different ways.  Some of us will be camping, some will be spending time with friends and family.  There will be several parades, community events, BBQs and lots of fireworks.  There are two things the USS Ticonderoga would like you to keep in mind.  1- Please be safe.  We would like to see all of you again in the future at many meetings and activities.  2- Please thank the members and volunteers in our military, local police and emergency services.  It is because of them that we can celebrate our independence and freedoms.  Thank you for all that you do.

Independence Day Road Trip

So for the month of July the Acting Captain of the USS Ticonderoga will be Lt. Dave Stock.  The Acting Captain program was set up to give Ticonderoga Crewmembers experience in leadership and command.   For our activity in July, we will be taking a road trip over the Independence Day weekend.  Acting Captain Stock has beachfront property at Bear Lake (with all of the amenities such as fire-pits, plumbing, etc.) and has invited anyone from the Seventh Fleet to join us for camping and relaxing.  We haven’t had a USS Ticonderoga campout in about 4-5 years.  This beachfront property is the same location that the 2004 Seventh Fleet Olympics was held.  We will have fireworks, swimming, group breakfast and a Shisk-ka-Bob BBQ.  There is also a 4th of July Parade at a small town nearby and a cave we can visit as well.  If you are interested in going, contact the Captain ASAP.

Welcome to the USS Atlantis

This Saturday, June 26th, the USS Atlantis will be hosting a Welcome to the Seventh Fleet BBQ in Southern Idaho. The USS Atlantis is the latest addition to our Star Trek family. It was just last August that Captain Charles Corr had contacted the Seventh Fleet inquiring about a home for his group. The Atlantis had been around since the late 90’s and survived the breakup of their previous parent organization.  The USS Atlantis has made a lot of effort to join the Seventh Fleet by driving down for special events (Admiral’s Banquet and Seventh Fleet Olympics) as well as attending the Fleet Council Meetings.   The USS Ticonderoga will be represented by Captain Carl Stark, Executive Officer Lieutenant Erica Stark and Chief Engineer Lt. (j.g.) John Barnes at the welcoming ceremony.  We are looking forward to exciting adventures with our new friends from Idaho.  Welcome aboard.

Happy Father’s Day

Ben and Jake Sisko on another father and son adventure
Ben and Jake Sisko on another father and son adventure

We would like to thank all of the fathers out there who have inspired us, stood by us and remained a part of our lives even to this day.  Happy Father’s Day.

Upcoming USS Ticonderoga June Activity

Friends and family of the USS Ticonderoga will be getting together on Saturday, June 19th.  We will be meeting at Noon at Island View Park in Clearfield (address: 1800 South Main St).  Bring your own lunch for you and your family.  When we are done eating we will be holding a practice for the upcoming Seventh Fleet Olympics.  There is a playground next to the pavilion for the kids to play at while we are eating and having fun.  This event is open to anyone so feel free to bring your friends.