Poll: Charter bus to Starfest in 2011?

So one of our other goals with the Ticonderoga website is to help with the interaction and feedback from our crew and friends.  To accomplish this, we will have a poll every once in a while on our blog section.  Our first poll deals with some long term planning that the Seventh Fleet is looking into. 

We have a proposal to charter a bus to Denver for Starfest on April 15-17, 2011.  The question for everyone is, if the cost was $80-100/person, would you be interested in chartering a bus to go to Denver?  Early proposals have the bus leaving from Salt Lake City late on Thursday the 14th and arriving on Friday morning.  We could check into the hotel early to relax and get some of the better rooms.  When the convention is over, we could leave on Sunday and arrive home early Monday morning.  In the past we have stayed over night on Sunday to avoid driving through Wyoming in the middle of the night.  With this proposal we could save a day on the hotel costs.  This would also be a bus with a bunch of your Star Trek friends on it and it will have DVD/TVs on it so we can geek our way to the con.

Starfest is a huge Star Trek/SF convention that has been held in Denver for over 35 years.  It is put together by Starland, an SF mail-order company that also runs several Denver area haunted houses.  There are several Star Trek actors and authors in attendance.  Studios will send an actor to promote an upcoming movie or TV series.  There are a ton of room parties, panels, movies, model show, art show, horror, anime, gaming, comics and more.  Saturday night is capped by a massive costume contest and parody play by the convention volunteers.  They recently had to expand the convention into two hotels because of how large it had become.  There is usually an attendance of 1,500-2,000 over the weekend.

Our friends from the USS Pioneer help us out by getting discounted general admission tickets for the weekend.  These usually run in the $45 range (these are usually over $55 at the door).  There are also several packages for reserved seats and shorter autograph lines.  There is a sit down restaurant across the street and a Wendy’s nearby.  Refrigerators are provided in the hotel rooms as well and there are two hotels to choose from.

Since the early 90’s, members of the Seventh Fleet have been driving and flying to Denver to attend this convention.  It has almost become an annual mecca.  In 2010 practically no one made it to the convention.  A goal for 2011 from several Seventh Fleet CO’s is to have as many crewmembers as possible attend the convention in uniform.  If you are interested in going or if you would like to provide any feedback on conventions or bus trips, just leave a comment below.  Thank you in advance.

6 thoughts on “Poll: Charter bus to Starfest in 2011?”

  1. We would love to see everyone in uniform, or even in unified t-shirts. =) More importantly, we’d love to see everyone there. It’s always more fun when there are more of us out there. I can say that for us, driving required anywhere from 3-5 tanks of gas. At $50.00 (or more for some of us) a fill, you’re looking at upwards of $300.00 just for that expense. Even paying for 2 people, you still wind up ahead with a charter – and someone else does the driving. =)
    I vote ‘yea’!

  2. A yes vote here. Since if I drove I’d be paying that or more in gas anyways. Plus sleeping on the way home so I can still work Monday and lose less pay (just Friday and not both Friday & Monday) appeals to me.

  3. Keep the comments coming. We will be asking about this at the upcoming Ticonderoga meeting as well.

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