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History of the USS Ticonderoga Star Trek Club

The beginnings of the Star Trek fan club in the Ogden/Layton area currently known as the USS Ticonderoga had its start all the way back to September of 1991, The 25th Anniversary of Star Trek. It was at this time that a young Star Trek fan named Carl Stark attended his first meeting of the USS Kelly. There he found more than just a chapter of Starfleet Command (our original parent organization based out of Baltimore, MD). He found a family of Star Trek friends who became an important part of his life. Over the next five years he grew and learned as he participated in activities such as paintball, Voyager simulations at the CMSEC, promoting the NASA Space Station at the Utah State Fair, Henline Memorial Blood Drives and especially the jaunts to Denver to attend StarFest and StarCon each year. By working hard and serving his shipmates he was able to earn the rank of Lt. Commander. No small task on the USS Kelly, before him only four other crewmembers had reached the Lt. Commander plateau.

Then in 1996 Lt. Cmdr Stark moved out of Salt Lake to Layton, Utah to live and work in the Ogden/Layton area. Having been placed on the Captain’s Promotion List for Starfleet Command, Captain Dennis Hollinger granted command of the USS Euphrates (NCC-72599), a Danube II Class Runabout, to Lt. Cmdr Stark to start up a Chapter-in-Training.

The first USS Euphrates command staff at the official launching.

The Weber/Davis county area had previously been the home of the USS Dominion several years earlier before disbanding. So several experienced and excited Star Trek fans were available to draw from. The USS Euphrates was officially launched on March 9, 1996 at the Davis County North Library in Clearfield. The first activity was touring the Hill Air Force Base Museum and a group dinner. Just as Lt. Cmdr Stark had to learn and grow, the club had to grow during its Chapter-in-Training status. A rank system with promotional merit points was set up. A newsletter and web site was established and the club was having fun. Community projects continued with Blood Drives, volunteers for the Ogden Street Festival and conventions, including compliments from William Shatner at his Salt Lake Convention appearance.

Newly promoted Captain Stark takes command of the USS Ticonderoga.

The USS Euphrates completed its Chapter-in-Training phase on October 25, 1997. On this date the USS Ticonderoga, NCC-74676, Intrepid Class, was launched in a ceremony at a banquet facility in Kaysville, Utah. Representatives of the USS Kelly, USS Rendezvous, USS Zambezi (the USS Retributor in its Chapter-in-Training status), Rebel’s Associated (a local Star Wars club) IRW Falcon (a local Romulan Club) and others were in attendance. Then Commander Stark was promoted to Captain and named Commanding Officer. Continuing the hard work started as the USS Euphrates, the momentum was carried forward. A listserve and online monthly duty reports were developed. Membership was growing as the crew continued to have fun, including our first correspondence member in California. Continuing in the field of community service, the crew was able to help out with such events as the KUED PBS pledge drives, KISN Care-for-Kids Careathon, additional volunteers CONduit (a local Science Fiction convention) and Star Trek conventions that have come to Utah. In 2000 the USS Ticondreoga started an Adopt-A-Highway program on I-15 in Layton.

At the end of 1997, our Starfleet Command disbanded after a 20 year run of serving Star Trek fans across the United States. The USS Ticonderoga was asked to join with former Starfleet Command chapters USS Kelly, USS Retributor and a former Starfleet International chapter USS Rendezvous, to help form a new parent organization. With permission from the Starfleet Command Admiralty Board, part of the name was used for the new organization, Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet. As a plank member, Captain Stark holds a position on the Seventh Fleet Council to help run the new organization. The USS Ticonderoga has participated in several Seventh Fleet events including hosting the very first Seventh Fleet Olympics and hosting the camp-out in which several Star Trek fans from the Seventh Fleet and beyond have attended. The Seventh Fleet passed it’s Twelve Year Anniversary and the Star Trek family is continuing to grow with new chapters joining the fleet.

In 2001 the USS Ticonderoga celebrated their Fifth Anniversary with the help of the Seventh Fleet and other local Star Trek fans. A banquet celebrating IDIC was set up by the crew and dishes representing several Star Trek cultures were presented for enjoyment. The event was even covered by the local newspaper, the Ogden Standard-Examiner. The USS Ticonderoga has been noted as one of the leaders in Star Trek fandom for the State of Utah as well as the Intermountain West.

At the 5th Anniversary of the USS Ticonderoga, Lt. (j.g.) Brad Jacobs is interviewed by the Ogden Standard Examiner.

In 2003 the USS Ticonderoga launched it’s very first Chapter-in-Training. The Runabout USS Hudson operated near Boston, Massachusetts until the family involved moved to England. Currently the Hudson is on hiatus until their return to the States.

2006 marked the Tenth Anniversary of the club. Ten years of having fun and making new friends. We can’t believe it has been that long and we look forward to the next Ten Years of Star Trek Fandom.

In 2011 there were some major changes to the club.  Captain Carl Stark was promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral and accepted the position of Chief of Operations with Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet.  Lt. Erica Stark was given a field promotion to Captain and named the Commanding Officer of the USS Ticonderoga.  Lt. Dave Stock took on the post of Executive officer.

In 2014 the club moved the monthly meeting to the Weber County Library-Southwest Branch in Roy, Utah.  This site was along major bus lines and was preferred to other locations.  In 2015, Acting Captain Erica Stark earned her full rank of Captain and the USS Ticonderoga started the next phase of club history.  The Intrepid- Class USS Ticonderoga, NCC-74676, was retired.  The new Ronin-Class USS Ticonderoga, NCC-74676-A was launched at a room party at CONduit 25.  We also have two Runabouts (chapter-in-training) ready to launch soon.

Some of the USS Ticonderoga crew at the Best of Both Worlds theater event.
Some of the USS Ticonderoga crew at the Best of Both Worlds theater event.

Currently Captain Stark and the Crew of the USS Ticonderoga are looking forward to their Undiscovered Country and are eagerly awaiting new adventures and making new friends to join their Star Trek Family. Always remember to have fun.

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Proud chapter of Starfleet Command's Seventh Fleet