Code of Coduct

   As Star Trek fans we are always in the public spotlight.  Because of misconceptions regarding fans of Star Trek, quick judgments may come about from the general public.  As crewmembers we must be on our best behavior.  Thus a Code of Conduct is presented here.  If you have any questions about the Code of Conduct, feel free to contact your Department Chief or the Ticonderoga’s Executive Officer.


Crew Code of Conduct :
– I will have fun since that is what a fan club is for.
– I agree to support the decisions of the Command Staff and my Department Chief.
– I agree to accept assignments and to work to make the club a success.
– I will share my talents and abilities with the club.
– I will offer to pay for gas when given a ride by another member.
– I will not bring drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or bad language to meetings.
– I will not come to activities or meetings if I am sick.
– I will clean up after myself, and help clean up at activities.
– I will avoid reckless horseplay.
– I will leave prejudices, rumors, gossip, and backbiting outside all club activities and meetings.
– I will not be involved in loud or abusive arguments. If possible I will defuse confrontations.
– I will not cheat or take advantage of a fellow crewmember.
– I will take complaints about ship or crew to my Department Chief or the Command Staff.
– I will use common courtesy and treat everyone on board like family.

   By participating in an event, I certify that I have read and understand the Code Of Conduct, and I agree to abide by it. I understand that failure to abide by the code may result in my being asked to leave an activity or the cancellation of my membership in the club. I understand such decisions are at the discretion of the Command Staff.

Senior Officers Code of Conduct:
The following applies to Department Chiefs, Assistant Department Chiefs, and Staff Officers serving as part of the Senior Staff:

– I will have fun since that is what a fan club is for.
– I will be a shepherd, not a sheepherder (I will lead by example).
– I will scrupulously follow the club’s General Code Of Conduct.
– I will attend all of the club functions that my schedule permits.
– I will arrive on time to all club functions as my schedule permits.
– I will inform the Captain or Executive Officer as soon as possible if I will be late to or absent from any club function.
– When unable to attend the Senior Officers Meeting , I will send a fully-briefed representative (this can be another member of the Senior Staff) or a written report. I will inform the Captain or XO in advance. Failure to do WILL result in demerits.
– I am my Department Members’ interface and advocate with the Command Staff. I will have a monthly contact with each Department Member, preferable in person or by phone. I will collect and turn in PMP sheets for everyone in my Department (including myself) in a timely manner.
– I will not ask any member of my Department to do anything I am not willing to do myself.
– I will ask the Command Staff for help when I feel overwhelmed.
– If I am unable to perform my duties for an extended period of time, I will resign from the position of department chief, in the full knowledge that when times are better, I can reapply if I so desire.

   A lot of hard work is put into the various activities by a large number of Seventh Fleet crewmembers.  We ask that visitors come prepared to have fun and to not interfere with the activities that have been assembled.  Usually there are a lot of informal, after-the-meeting gatherings (such as dinner) if non-event issues need to be addressed.

Proud chapter of Starfleet Command's Seventh Fleet