News from Seventh Fleet Council meeting

Over the weekend the USS Ticonderoga hosted the quarterly Seventh Fleet Council Meeting.  Representatives from the USS Atlantis, USS Kelly, USS Rendezvous, USS Retributor and USS Ursa Major were also in attendance.  Captain Marla Trowbridge from the USS Rendezvous conducted the meeting. 

Some of the highlights from the agenda include the new meeting protocol (that we were currently experimenting with), the role of Admiral Hollinger and the format of the new Commanding Officer Exams (Admiral Hollinger had samples of the new test).  The new exams will make it easier for potential command grade officers to prepare for the upcoming test.  We have at least 6-7 upcoming officers who are ready to take the exam now. 

Captain Rouviere from the USS Retributor discussed the upcoming Seventh Fleet Olympics (which they are hosting) on Saturday, August 21 in Layton, Utah.  If you wish to partake of the catered lunch the money ($5/adults $2/kids)  is due by August 7th.  This is not a requirement to participate and you can bring your own lunch if you would like, but just remember that with no garbage service in the park you will need to haul out your own trash.   There is also a special T-Shirt that can be printed up for the Olympics.  The costs and samples are posted on the Seventh Fleet website under the quartermaster section.  The due date for these are also on August 7th.  Captain Rouviere also discussed the upcoming Seventh Fleet/Star Trek RPG campaigns that they are willing to run for the various chapters.  He then provided some of the Seventh Fleet RPG manuals to the commanding officers.  The last item covered by Captain Rouviere was the upcoming list of Seventh Fleet protocols.

Captain Stark from the USS Ticonderoga discussed the new Captain’s Mailing list.  It was decided to allow the Executive Officers/Second Officers access to the mailing list as well.  An update on the Seventh Fleet website was provided (and updates are still ongoing).  There is also a proposal currently being investigated by the Ticonderoga to see if 50-56 Seventh Fleet members and friends would be willing to charter a bus to Starfest in Denver next April.  The estimated cost on this would be between $80-100 per person.

Captain Corr from the USS Atlantis had reported their fundraising efforts at the recent Relay for Life in Idaho.  They were excited to have their first rank advancement in the Seventh Fleet system.  They also extended several invitations to Utah members to attend some of their upcoming events including the club’s 13th Anniversary and the Atlantian Race.

Captain Trowbridge of the USS Rendezvous brought up ideas with quarterly minutes and fleet information.  She also discussed sharing the cost of lunches provided by the hosting chapter.

The next quarterly meeting will be in October and will be hosted by the USS Atlantis.  The USS Ticonderoga will be the conducting party.