In The News: Video

Posted here are videos of different news reports that the USS Ticonderoga and the Seventh Fleet have been presented in.

Fluid TV at CONduit 2001 Several members of the USS Ticonderoga and the USS Kelly were interviewed by Fluid Television at the 2001 CONduit convention in Salt Lake City. Many thanks to Eric Hall for uploading this video to Youtube.
USS Ticonderoga in 2004

This video was made with images from various USS Ticonderoga events in 2004.  This includes joint activities with the USS Kelly, USS Retributor and USS Pioneer.

Save Enterprise Rally in 2005

There are two parts to this video.  The first is a brief news report from FOX13 KSTU that covered the efforts of the Seventh Fleet at the Save Enterprise Rally.  Captain Rex Rouviere is the spokesperson in the report.  This rally was held at the same time as rallies in Los Angeles, New York, Tel Aviv and more.  The second part is a music video with photos from the rally.

10th Anniversary of the Seventh Fleet In 2008 this video was presented by Lt. Cmdr. Jill Bogler of the USS Kelly.  It presented a history of the Seventh Fleet for the previous ten years.  The USS Ticonderoga is featured along with her fellow Seventh Fleet chapters.
USS Ticonderoga 2010 Video Report This report was originally played at the 2011 Admiral’s Banquet and was assembled by Acting Captain Erica Stark.
Seventh Fleet Ice Bucket Challenge The USS Ticonderoga and the SS White Buffalo helped put together the Seventh Fleet response to the Ice Bucket Challenge.
Seventh Fleet Commercial Assembled by Ross Trowbridge, this commercial features the USS Ticonderoga in one of the many scenes.
Seventh Fleet Ships An online video advertising the various starships in the Seventh Fleet (including the USS Ticonderoga).
USS Ticonderoga 2014 Video Report Originally played at the 2015 Admiral’s Banquet.  Here is a video report of what we did in the year of 2014.
The Seventh Fleet and Salt Lake Comic Con on KTVX When Leonard Nimoy passed away in February 2015, local TV station KTVX interviewed Dan Farr from SLCC and Erica Stark representing the Seventh Fleet.

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