Civilian Department


P1310213Name (Character Name): Lieutenant Beverly Miller (Beverly Miller)
Position: Chief of Civilians/Ship’s Counselor
Joined: 1995 (USS Rendezvous)
Occupation: Mother
Favorite Trek Series: All of them
Character Species: Human
P1310219Name (Character Name): Nola Sharp (Shawnee’)
Position: Civilian archeologist
Joined: July 2010
Occupation: Scheduler
Favorite Trek Series: All of them
Character Species: Caitian
Michelle_SName (Character Name): Michelle Stephens (Michelle Stephens)
Position: TBA
Joined: January 2005
Occupation: Tax Examiner
Favorite Trek Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Character Species: Human
Name (Character Name): Alexander Stock (TBA)
Position: Isolinear Chip/Rod Technician
Joined: November 2000
Occupation: Student
Favorite Trek Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Character Species: Human
ChrystalSName (Character Name): Chrystal Stock (Chrystal Stock)
Position: Medical Specialists
Joined: March 1997
Occupation: Data transcriber
Favorite Trek Series: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Character Species: Human
Kimbra_SullivanName (Character Name): Kimbra Sullivan (Crowned Civilian)
Position: Botanist
Joined: February 2004
Occupation: CEO of the Household
Favorite Trek Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Character Species: Betazoid


The following is a list of the duties and responsibilities of the Civilian Department. Changes can be made as the situation demands. These duties and responsibilities are not all inclusive.

1. The Counselor (Chief of Civilians) and the Civilian Department will have fun.
2. The Counselor reports directly to the Executive Officer.
3. The Counselor is responsible to keep the members of the Civilian Department active and involved by informing them of activities and events.  This includes creating departmental projects, making assignments, and solving problems and concerns.
4. The Counselor may appoint an Assistant Counselor to assist with these duties.  The Counselor will need to report this to the Command Staff.
5. The Counselor will attend staff meeting.  If that person cannot attend then a replacement will be assigned (age 16 or older) from the department to go in the Chief’s stead and report back.  The Chief also needs to inform a member of the Command Staff of the change.
6. At the Staff Meeting the Chief will give reports on departmental meetings, activities and projects.  Proposals from the department will be turned in.
7. The Civilian Department is encouraged to find any and all information about the actors (Marina Sirtis, Whoopi Goldberg, Nicole deBoer, etc.) or the characters (Deanna Troi, Guinan, Ezri Dax, etc.) that are connected with the Civilian/Counselor department.  The department members may join their fan clubs and keep the rest of the ship informed to the activities thereof.
8. The Civilian Department is responsible to submit an article for each newsletter.
9. Any additional duties as deemed necessary by the Command Staff.

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