Security Department

USS Ticonderoga Security Combadge


RichardLuke_headshotName (Character Name): Lieutenant Richard Luke (TBA)
Position: Chief of Security
Joined: 2014
Occupation: Retired
Favorite Trek Series: TBA
Character Species: TBA
P1310205Name (Character Name): Lieutenant Frank Buck (K’Narf)
Position: Assistant Chief of Security
Joined: March 1999
Occupation: Railroad Worker
Favorite Trek Series: Star Trek: The Original Series
Character Species: Human/Vulcan
Name (Character Name): Lieutenant Kevin Hancock (Kevin Ghost)
Position: Security Officer
Joined: September 2003
Occupation: Graphic Artist
Favorite Trek Series: Star Trek Enterprise
Character Species: Iotian
Steven_StarkName (Character Name): Crewman 1st Class Steven Stark (Selek)
Position: Security Officer
Joined: February 1999
Occupation: Student
Favorite Trek Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Character Species: Vulcan
P1310208Name (Character Name): Crewman 1st Class Joseph Buck (Eoj)
Position: Security Officer
Joined: January 1999
Occupation: Photographer
Favorite Trek Series: TBA
Character Species: TBA
TroyOldham_headshotName (Character Name): Crewman 1st Class Troy Oldham (keH’la puqloD Qaq ta’)
Position: Security Officer (Klingon Leadership exchange)
Joined: 2014
Occupation: Software Engineer
Favorite Trek Series: Star Trek: The Original Series
Character Species: Klingon
DamonRicksName (Character Name): Crewman 2nd Class Damon Ricks (TBA)
Position: Security Marksman
Joined: 2014
Occupation: Insurance Salesman
Favorite Trek Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Character Species: Human
Adam_HancockName (Character Name): Crewman 3rd Class Adam Hancock (TBA)
Position: Security Officer
Joined: September 2004
Occupation: Student
Favorite Trek Series: TBA
Character Species: TBA


The following is a list of the duties and responsibilities of the Security Department. Changes can be made as the situation demands. These duties and responsibilities are not all inclusive.

  1. The Chief of Security and the Security Department will have fun.
  2. The Chief of Security reports directly to the Executive Officer.
  3. The Chief of Security is responsible to keep the members of the Security Department active and involved by informing them of activities and events. This includes creating departmental projects, making assignments, and solving problems and concerns.
  4. The Chief of Security may appoint an Assistant Department Chief to assist with these duties. The Chief of Security will need to report this to the Command Staff.
  5. The Chief of Security will attend staff meeting. If that person cannot then a replacement will need to be assigned (age 16 or older) from the department to go in the Chief’s stead and report back. The Chief also needs to inform a member of the Command Staff of the change.
  6. At the staff meeting the Chief will give reports on departmental meetings, activities, and projects. Crew member monthly duty reports and any proposals will be turned in and previous reports will be returned with the crew members latest gains towards rank advancement.
  7. The primary duty of the Security Department is to coordinate and update the USS Ticonderoga photo archive.
  8. The Security Department will also act as a support group to the other departments. Providing manpower and other options. The department chiefs needing assistance will coordinate through the Chief of Security.
  9. The Security Department may be asked to aid in the security at conventions, ship activities, etc. This will be coordinated between the Command Staff and the Chief of Security.
  10. The Security Department will keep a running list of all weapons seen, used or mentioned in Star Trek. The members of the department are encouraged to develop a knowledge of the weapons used in Star Trek. This list will be made available for the crew to help in research and study. This could also be displayed on a departmental web page to be linked to the Ticonderoga web page.
  11. The Security Department is encouraged to find any and all information about the actors (Denise Crosby, Tim Russ, etc.) that are connected with the security department or the characters (Worf, Odo, etc.) they portrayed. The department members may join their fan clubs and keep the rest of the ship informed as to the activities thereof.
  12. The Security Department is responsible to submit an article for each newsletter.
  13. Any additional duties as deemed necessary by the Command Staff.

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