Black and Gold Turtle Shell Logo
Black and Gold Turtle Shell Logo

Who We Are:

The USS Ticonderoga is a Star Trek Fan club based in Northern Utah. We are an organization based on having a good time with fellow Star Trek Fans. We do not charge any dues or expect anything for membership.  We primarily serve Star Trek fans in Weber and Northern Davis counties.  However we do have members who travel from Box Elder, Cache and Salt Lake Counties as well as other states.  We welcome any and all who would join us.

We hold a regular meeting every second Wednesday of the month at Weber County Library – Southwest Branch. The address is 2039 West 4000 South in Roy, Utah.  We start at 7:00pm with the first 30 minutes of socialization (some of us haven’t seen each other in a month).  The rest of the meeting is then filled with announcements, awards, new orders, promotions, show-n-tell (what neat Star Trek item did you come across over the past month), presentations and more.

There are also several activities and special events that happen through out the month.  Check the calendar on our events page to see what is coming up.

We are part of a larger Star Trek organization called “Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet” (aka The Seventh Fleet).  Our parent organization is also free and primarily serves fans in Utah and Idaho.  More information on the Seventh Fleet can be found at http://www.SeventhFleet.org

Ticonderoga Quickfacts:

Chapter Name: USS Ticonderoga
Registry: NCC-74676-A
Class: Ronin Class Starship (previously: Intrepid Class Starship)
Launch Date: October 25, 1997
Chapter-in-Training Name: USS Euphrates
Registry: NCC-72599
Class: Danube II Class Runabout
Tour-of-Duty: March 9, 1996 to October 25, 1997
Mother-ship: USS Kelly, NCC-73400 (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Parent Organization: Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet (aka The Seventh Fleet)
Regular Meeting Location: Weber County Library Southwest Branch- Roy, UT
Regular Meeting Date/Time: Second Wednesday of the Month/7:00pm
Chapter Motto: “Munientes Limitem Ultimum” (Latin: Fortifying the Final Frontier)
Chapter Spirit Guide: The Otter (previously: The Turtle)
Chapter Colors: Purple and Silver (previously: Blue and Gold)
Chapter Newsletter: Ticonderoga Transmissions (Quarterly) FKA The Runabout Report

Additional Information:

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the USS Ticonderoga.

HISTORY – The history of the club.

IN THE NEWS – The USS Ticonderoga as covered by various news sources.

COMMUNITY SERVICE – Members of the club helping our community.

OUR CREW – Meet the crew of the USS Ticonderoga.

CONTACT – Contact information for the club and departments.


The free Star Trek Fan Club, USS Ticonderoga is a non-profit organization. This website is published by volunteers as a means of communication between members of the USS Ticonderoga and Star Trek fandom. It does not intend to infringe upon any rights. “Star Trek”, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Star Trek: Enterprise” are registered trademarks of Paramount Pictures Corp. All rights are reserved to the original work herein. No copying without the permission of the individual author/artist.

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Proud chapter of Starfleet Command's Seventh Fleet