The Ticonderoga Transmissions is the quarterly newsletter of the USS Ticonderoga.  It contains information on ship activities, new members, rank advancements, commendations, crew and actor birthdays, crew profiles and articles and art related to Star Trek/SF and much more.  It also can be used as a reference guide to help with Trek Trivia and answers to ADVOT courses.

With the revamp of the Ticonderoga Transmissions we will now be releasing the newsletter in a PDF format viewable on any computer system with Adobe.  The online version will be free, those wishing printed versions should contact the Chief of Communications, Lt. Erica Stark.  Lt. Stark is collecting submissions and coordinating the distribution of the newsletter if you would like to have it emailed to you.  She can be reached at This is also the email address to submit items for the Promenade Classified section.

Newsletter Exchanges:

We welcome newsletter exchanges with other clubs and organizations.  Details can be arranged by email at

Due Dates:

Submissions for stories, articles and artwork are always requested.  Please send submissions to the Ticonderoga Transmissions Editor at or you can also turn in submissions to your Department Chief or the Executive Officer.  The due dates for each quarter is as follows:



Newsletter Content:

If you have ideas to submit for these features feel free to contact the editor or your Department Chief.

Activity Calendar: Upcoming Events

Away Team: Convention reports and news of upcoming conventions

Ask the Command Staff: Questions from the crew submitted on duty reports

Cadet Corner: Fun items for the younger Ticonderoga Crewmembers

Collector’s Corner: Information on various Star Trek collectables obtained by the crew

Contact Information: Information on contacting leaders on the USS Ticonderoga

Crewman Number Six: Highlighting a member of the crew

Dabo: A contest presented in each issue

Data’s Joke Shop: Favorite jokes submitted by the crew

Drafting Room Number Five: A look at Starships and Technology on Star Trek

Fleet News: Information on what is happening in the Seventh Fleet

Garak’s Tailor Shop: Costuming tips and articles

Log Entry: Words of Wisdom from the Commanding Officer, XO and Editor

Mission Logs: Collective stories by the Ticonderoga crew

Now Hear This: Ticonderoga Announcements

Promenade: Classified Adds in the newsletter (See above for submission information)

Q Who?: Advice on creating characters and personas

Quote of the Month: A Star Trek quote that stands out and inspires us

Spider Under The Table Report: Random Quotes from the crew during different activities and meetings

The Holodeck: Articles on non-Star Trek items (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc.)

To The Stars: Profiling an Actor or behind the scenes person from the Star Trek series

Tributes: Dedicated to those who have passed onto the Undiscovered Country

Plus original articles, reprinted articles and fan art and anything else that you would like to submit.

Past Issues:

Latest issue:

FALL 2021 (PDF Format, Size 6.1 MB)

Past issues:


The Ticonderoga Transmissions is a non-profit newsletter published as a means of communication between Star Trek fandom.

It does not intend to infringe upon any rights.

“Star Trek”, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Star Trek: Enterprise” are registered trademarks of Paramount Pictures Corp.

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