Text List

To help keep our crewmembers informed about upcoming events and activities we also utilize a special TXT (text) reminder list.  This will send out text messages to your cell phone a day or two before an event is scheduled to take place.

If you would like to be added to this text list, send an email to XO@USSTiconderoga.org with your request and your cell number. You will be responsible for your own text charges with your cell provider.

If you would like to see if you are on the text reminder list, check to see if your name is listed below.

Adams, Lori

Brown, Jake

Buck, Frank

Campbell, Kathy

Caudell, Hollie

Garcia, Cathy

Hancock, Danielle

Hancock, Kevin

James, Jeremy

Jensen, Cheri

Linscott, Josh

McGregor, Nate

Marble, Sarah

Merrill, Josh

Miller, Beverly

Miller, Weylin

Stark, Carl

Stephens, Michelle

Stock, Chrystal

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