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Log entry from Captain Stark

Greetings, all! It’s amazing to me that summer is already over. The fifth annual Salt Lake City Comic Con is coming up next week. We will be there, teaming up with the USS White Buffalo, raising funds for Extra Life, in conjunctions with Children’s Miracle Network.
Come say hi to us at booth 2350, and check out the Artemis bridge simulator! Can you defeat the enemy and get your crew back safely?
Please remember to send any cool pictures you take at SLCC or any activity to newsletter@ussticonderoga.org and ticologs@ussticonderoga.org

We have some more exciting things coming up in the next few weeks. Be prepared for interviews, history, introductions, and many more great things.

Just as a reminder: one of our directives as a club is to do whatever we can to help our fellow beings and make our real world a better place. One of the ways in which you can do this is by donating something of value to a worthy cause. At this time, the American Red Cross is in desperate need of blood donations. Upwards of 5000 individuals are in desperate need of blood transfusions. If you are able to do so, please go donate blood to help our fellow humans in need. If you can’t donate blood, please donate money, items, or time. Even if that time is just a few seconds to pass on the information to your network of friends.

Remember that on Saturday, October 7th, we are going to Black Island Farms corn maze. As of this writing, there are great deals available on KSL, that are far better than any discount we can get. These will sell out quickly, so I urge you to get to the site and get your passes ordered.

Thank you all, and enjoy your day!

April is here? Yes it is.

Wow we were so busy with March with our activities and the Salt Lake Comic Con FanX booth that we blinked and March was over.  Many thanks to the volunteers who helped out at the booth.  We had several compliments on how relaxed our “Ten Forward Lounge Theme” was set up.  So here is what we have coming up in April.

Wednesday, April 12th is our monthly meeting.  However our regular meeting location, the Roy Library, is booked for this month.  Luckily Ticonderoga crewmembers Damon and Amanda Ricks were able to set us up with a temporary location for this month.  So we will be meeting at the Marshall White Community Center located at 222 28th Street in Ogden.  The Ricks have set up a special event for our meeting so be on time for some prizes.  The meeting starts at 7:00pm and feel free to bring a friend.  In May we will be back at the Roy Library.

The Ticonderoga Senior Officer’s meeting will be held on Friday, April 14th at Starbase 40.  Please let the Captain know if you will be attending so she can make sure there is enough food for dinner.

April 21-23 are the dates for the StarFest convention in Denver. This is the 40th Anniversary of the convention and a lot of Seventh Fleet members are attending.  (especially if we missed the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention last August)  We have a discount ticket code from our friends on the USS Pioneer.  If you are interested in going, contact the Captain.  A few members may still have spots open for rides and/or rooms.  Walter Koenig and Rene Auberjonois are two Star Trek actors who will be in attendance at the convention.  This would also count as an out-of-state convention for those working towards the ‘command grade’ ranks.  Additional details can be found at www.StarFestDenver.com

We have a free event for Saturday, April 29th.  We will be visiting the Hill AFB Museum.  However instead of just wandering between exhibits as we have done before, we have a guided tour.  Please be at the museum lobby before noon in order to go on the tour.  We may have several visitors from other chapters joining us for this event.

Just a week later will be our May activity on Saturday the 6th.  We will be meeting at a park in Clearfield or Layton for a rocket launch and drone races.  This will run from 11:30am-3:30pm.  Bring your own picnic lunch for the event.

What we will be doing in June

FanCon2016Wow, May was such a busy month that we didn’t get a blog post in.  Sorry about that.  We usually have a TON of discussions going on with our USS Ticonderoga Facebook page (click on link to visit).

We have a very busy month in June.  On Saturday, June 4th we will have a booth at the Weber County Library 3rd Annual FanCon (formerly known as Fantasticon).  This will be held at the Roy Library (same location as our meetings) from Noon to 3:00pm.  There will also be a food truck rally held at the same time.  There is no admission cost for this event.  This is a costumed activity so come and be prepared to show off the fun we have in the club.

Wednesday, June 8th is the monthly USS Ticonderoga business meeting at the Central Park located at 300 East Center Street, Clearfield (just to the east of the Clearfield City Hall and Wasatch Elementary).  This will start at 7:00pm (first 30 minutes is socialization, then meeting announcements and don’t forget a Star Trek/SF show and tell).  This is not a uniformed event, but we encourage club or Star Trek shirts.  Bring your dinner to BBQ or brown bag it.  For July’s meeting we will be back at the Roy library (there was no room for us in June).

Friday, June 10th will be the USS Ticonderoga Senior Officer’s meeting at Starbase 40.  Please make sure you have your reports into your Department Chief before this date.

Saturday, June 18th is our monthly activity.  We will be meeting at the home of Captain Stark (Starbase 40) in Clearfield for a BBQ and Star Trek Beyond prep night.  Bring your own meat and a dish to share.  We will be finishing up any preparations for the upcoming Star Trek Beyond movie promotion in July.  Captain Stark has a new BBQ grill to use.  This event will start at 2:00pm and run until finished.

Captain Stark will be attending the Seventh Fleet Council Meeting on Saturday, June 25th.  If you have any proposals for the 2017 Seventh Fleet Admiral’s Banquet (or any other proposals), you need to get them to Captain Stark before this meeting.

Also on June 25th and 26h will be the Hill AFB Air Show.  This event is free to the public and a lot of Ticonderoga members attend this event.  Make sure you bring your own lunch, water, sunscreen and folding chairs.  Give yourself lots of time with the crowds (traffic can be slow).  But seeing a lot of the older airplanes and newer craft can be very exciting.  This event only happens once every two years.

Don’t forget to check with your Department Chiefs for any upcoming department meetings or activities.

Future Events to keep in mind: July 13 Monthly meeting.  July 16 Seventh Fleet Games. July 22 Star Trek Beyond movie premier.  August 2-7 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention.  Sept 1-3 Salt Lake Comic Con.

Seventh Fleet at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015

The Shuttle Fairbanks at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015.
The Shuttle Fairbanks at Salt Lake Comic Con 2015.

Come see the Seventh Fleet at the 2015 Salt Lake Comic Con.  We will be in booth #3301 with our very own Action Figure Box 2.0 (new and improved) and with the USS Rendezvous Shuttle Fairbanks (also upgraded).  This year we are fundraising for the Cache Valley Children’s Justice Center.  We are also participating in various Star Trek events at the con including the Star Trek cosplay photo-op on Saturday afternoon at the grand staircase.  Come in your favorite Star Trek costume.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Happy New Year 2013

Welcome everyone to the year 2013 (Stardate: 66010.1 in the Seventh Fleet system).  The year of 2012 held many good memories for us.  Star Trek: The Next Generation turned 25 years old (and we are celebrating with the TNG Re-Watch Party that is still going on).  We had the re-integration with Utah’s longest running Science Fiction convention, CONduit with special guest Tim Russ (Tuvok from Star Trek: Voyager).  At this convention the USS Ticonderoga won the Room Party Contest.  The release of Star Trek: TNG blu-rays had two theater specials.  The Seventh Fleet held a wonderful Admiral’s Banquet and Seventh Fleet games where we had fun with our Star Trek family.   We started role-playing nights for Star Trek and Dungeons and Dragons.  And Star Trek returned locally to our airwaves on KTVX 4.2.

So what are we looking forward to in 2013?  This will be the 15th Anniversary of the founding of the Seventh Fleet.  We had to pull together after our previous parent organization had disbanded. Even today challenges remain and new adventures await us.  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will turn 20 years old in 2013.  Star Trek fan, author and historian, Larry Nemecek, will be attending CONduit 23 as a guest.  And probably the biggest event, the new Star Trek Into Darkness will be released on May 17th.  This will be an opportunity to promote both the movie and the club as well.

So what else will we be doing in 2013?  There are many months that we could fill with many fun club activities.  At the January 9th meeting we will be putting together the 2013 calendar of events.  We need everyone to show up and submit your ideas and feedback on many different events and community service that the club can participate in.  This will be at the Weber County Library-Main Branch (25th and Jefferson in Ogden).  This is your club, what would you like to see it do?

Tim “Tuvok” Russ announced as a guest at CONduit 22

Today the Convention Chair for CONduit 22 announced that they have signed Tim Russ as the Media Guest of Honor for the convention.  Tim Russ has also confirmed this on his official website.  CONduit 22: The Time Lords of CONduit will be held on May 25-27, 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tim is best known for his roll of Lt. Commander Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager.  He also directed an episode of the series and provided his voice for several Star Trek video games.  Tim also had other Star Trek roles on The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Generations.  Tim has written for several Star Trek comics and directed/starred in the Star Trek fan film Star Trek:  Of Gods And Men. Tim also directed and produced the Gene Roddenberry tribute film, Roddenberry on Patrol.

According to his IMDB website, Tim has also appeared in The Twilight Zone,  Starman (TV series), Time Stalkers, Spaceballs, Beauty and the Beast (TV series), Alien Nation (TV series), Freddy’s Nightmares (TV series), Eve of Destruction, Journey to the Center of the Earth (TV movie), SeaQuest 2032, Spiderman (TV series)  and provided his voice talents to many different video games.

A video of the fun at Starfest 2011

So members of the USS Ticonderoga and the Seventh Fleet had a ton of fun last weekend.  WE had the opportunity to join our friends at Starfest 2011 in Denver.  While we were there, Brian Wesley of the USS Kelly had taken a ton of video footage.  He has been putting it together ind different videos showing the fun that was had at the con.  Here is the first video that he has posted on YouTube.


What memories do you have of the convention?


Change in guests at Starfest

Greetings everyone.  Today Starland announced that Jonathan Frakes will not be able to make it this year for Starfest 2011.  In his place will be LeVar Burton, best known for his role of Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge on Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Also we have had so many people get new uniforms for this event that we are setting up a group photo on Saturday.  If you do not have a uniform for the event we may have some extras that you can borrow.  We also may have some additional spaces available if you find that you can go on April 15-17.  If you are interested, please contact Captain Erica Stark right away.


This is one of the big events that we are looking forward to since there is a lack of conventions in Utah.

Jonathan Frakes will be a guest at Starfest 2011

Starland is the company that puts together a convention called Starfest every April in Denver.  They have been running this convention for more than 30 years and it has gained quite a following.  A lot of USS Ticonderoga and Seventh Fleet members will make the annual trek to this convention because of the fun and great guests they have.

Today Starland announced that actor and director Jonathan “Commander Riker” Frakes will be a guest at Starfest 2011.  They have also tabbed Morena Baccarin (Anna the Supreme Leader from V and Inara Serra from Firefly), David Prowse (Darth Vader from Star Wars) and Mark Sheppard (Romo Lampkin from the new Battlestar Galactica, Badger from Firefly and Leucon in Star Trek: Voyager).  We should be hearing more guest announcements soon.

You can read about Jonathan Frakes at Starfest here: http://starland.com/wp/2011/02/23/jonathan-frakes-added-to-starfest-lineup/

Don’t forget that the Seventh Fleet is trying to charter a bus for $90/person (this is a round trip and includes the driver gratuity).  If you are interested in this, please contact Captain Erica Stark for details.