Star Trek Links

Official Star Trek Links:

Star Trek Official Star Trek website
Star Trek Movie Website for the 2009 Star Trek movie
Star Trek Online Official site for this MMORPG
Star Trek The Exhibition Site for this traveling museum
IDW Publishing Publishing website for the producer of the Star Trek comics
Simon & Schuster The Simon & Schuster site for the official Star Trek novels
Titan Magazines Website for the publisher of the Star Trek Magazine

Other Star Trek Links:

Ex Astris Scientia Detailed guide to cannon and non-cannon Star Trek by Bernd Schneider.
The Complete Starfleet Library Detailed site on various official and unofficial Star Trek publications. (note: now archived and no longer getting updates as of November 2014, but it still has a lot of good information on past projects)
Guide to Animated Star Trek A guide to the Animated Series created by Curt Danhauser. Very detailed.
Memory Alpha A Star Trek Wiki (online encyclopedia). Very good for those looking for ADVOT answers.
Memory Beta The wiki for Star Trek licensed products (books, comics, games, etc.)
The Starfleet Museum A site dedicated to a “history” of Starfleet and Earth vessels as interpreted by Masao Okazaki. Part of the USS Ticonderoga history came from this website.
Trek Core Star Trek archive.  Some of the photos on our website came from this source.
Trek Movie Star Trek news site. One of the sites we have in our sidebar feed.
Trekspace Star Trek social networking site. Think Facebook for ST fans.
Trektoday Daily Trek news site. One of the sites we have in our sidebar feed.
Star Trek Comics Checklist A detailed guide to all Star Trek comics and Star Trek related comics.

Fan Film Links:

Star Trek Continues A TOS fan film series from Farragut Films
Star Trek: Excalibur A TOS fan film series being filmed in Las Vegas.
Star Trek Intrepid A Voyager era fan film series.
Star Trek Of Gods and Men A fan film directed by Tim Russ with several ST actors.
Star Trek Phase II A famous TOS fan film series by James Cawley.
Star Trek Reviewed A site that reviews Star Trek fan films.
Starship Exeter A TOS fan film series that has been in production for quite some time.

NOTE: We will be adding more links soon.

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