August Farewells

One of the great things about joining a Star Trek fan club is the many friends that you will make.  We all have a common interest in Star Trek and that thread binds us together.  In various activities, meetings and events we get to know more about our Star Trek family.  However one of the bad things is that real life may cause us to loose friends to different circumstances. 

In August three of our crewmembers are moving to other states.  Ensign Lori Adams just received her CNA certificate and has a wonderful opportunity to continue her nursing education in California.  This month she will be moving her family to the bay area.  Chief Petty Officer Doug Pratt is moving to the Denver area to take care of his parents.  He will be returning to Utah to help take care of a few community projects but plans to stay in Denver for the next little while.  And last (but not least) Lt. (j.g.) Tim Madden’s wife received a great job offer from a hospital in Nebraska.  They have already started moving the family over before the start of the new school year. 

All three crewmembers have expressed an interest in remaining correspondence members.  In the case of Doug and Tim, we may have opportunities to meet up with them at Starfest (see the last blog entry regarding a charting bus idea).  With the wonders of technology and the internet, we should stay in regular contact (and I’m certain that they would love to hear from you as well).  Good luck in your endeavours and may you Live Long and Prosper.

4 thoughts on “August Farewells”

  1. Safe travels and much success. We’ll miss seeing you all. (Aurora is especially sad that Sariah is moving so far away.)

  2. All three crewmembers will be missed and we hope that they will still keep in touch with the Ticonderoga May yopu guys Live Long and prosper.

  3. As stated above, Live Long and Prosper and safe travels. Qapla’.

    Funny you used a TAS photo with this Carl, just finished watching that series just over an hour ago.

  4. Lori contacted us yesterday to report that she had made it to California with no problems.

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