Upcoming USS Ticonderoga meeting on August 11th

The second Wednesday is coming up on the 11th.  That means it is time once again for the monthly USS Ticonderoga crew meeting.  This will be held at the Weber County Library (25th and Jefferson) at 7:00pm in the basement auditorium.  This meeting is open to anyone who wishes to find out more about the club and what we do.  We will be discussing some of the upcoming events including the Seventh Fleet Olympics hosted by the USS Retributor this month in Layton.  There will also be several awards and other commendations.  Several crewmembers have attended some summer conventions and we will be hearing from them as well.

Just a side note, we still need an activity for September as some of our other options have fallen through.  If you have any idea, bring it to the meeting and the crew can discuss it.