August meeting report

Yesterday we had twenty people show up for the monthly USS Ticonderoga meeting.  We had some new people show up to check out the club so we all introduced ourselves.  Everyone also gave positive reviews to Lt. Dave Stock as July’s Acting Captain of the Month. 

We discussed the upcoming Seventh Fleet Olympics on Saturday,  August 21 (a week from Saturday).  This will be held at Chapel Park in Layton (152 South 900 East).  This will start at 10:00am and run until 6:00pm.  Feel free to bring your own lunch (there are also a couple of fast food places nearby).  Just be prepared to haul out what you bring in since there are no garbage cans at the park.  We will post the schedule on a future blog entry.  There will also be a fleet fundraiser where you can throw a pie/balloon/TBA at Captain Stark or Captain Rouviere for $1 a shot.

The original event planned for September fell through.  So we asked the crew if they had any suggestions.  There was a suggestion of a BBQ while watching some of the Star Trek movies.  We love this idea but we would need a place to hold it.  Anyone have any suggestions?

We also discussed the invitation from the USS Pioneer.  They are taking a Labor Day weekend camping trip to Dead Horse Point, Utah.  If you are interested in going, please let Captain Stark know.  The paintball event Aliens in the Rockies will be held on September 17-18.  The entry for this is $50 and a few Seventh Fleet members have attended this in the past.

October may be a busy month for us.  First we are looking at returning to Wendover on another Fun Bus trip (possibly the first Saturday of the month).  The USS Kelly is looking at going on a Voyager Simulator trip (date TBA) and we still want to do a Ghost Hunting tour of Ogden.  At the end of the month Crewman Hollie Caudell is hosting the USS Ticonderoga Halloween party.

As discussed before, we have a proposal to charter a bus to Starfest in April 2011.  If you are interested in doing this, please let Captain Stark know.  Right now we are just getting a general interest count before proceeding.   Details on Starfest can be found at

We have several options for new Starfleet uniforms.  Hollie Caudell and her mother are willing to put uniforms together.  We also have the options of getting uniforms from Captain Burns of the USS Ursa Major and Captain Trowbridge of the USS Rendezvous.  Captain Stark plans to have a new uniform done in time for the Admiral’s Banquet in January.  If you are interested in getting a Star Trek uniform (remember there are extra points and a merit sheet for getting one) please let Captain Stark know.

We also discussed our community service projects.  We haven’t been able to get to our Adopt-A-Highway sections on I-15 due to the construction that is currently happening between Layton and Kaysville.  With the way things are looking, we won’t be able to do any Adopt-A-Highway until 2011.  We’ve also been in contact with our local PBS station KUED.  We may be able to help out with one of the upcoming pledge drives in November or December.  Hopefully it will be a pledge drive for Doctor Who or Red Dwarf and something we can do in uniform.  As we get details we will pass them onto the crew.

The crew listed off the parts of the new website that they have used the most.  The Spirit Guide section was brought up.  The availability of the ADVOTs for downloading.  A lot of people liked the Online Duty Report Form.  There was a request for down loadable Ticonderoga business cards so that the crew can use them to help promote the club.  We are still making improvements to the site and would love to hear your feedback.

Captain Stark read off an entry from the recent USS Retributor RPG session where an assassination attempt was made on Captain Rouviere.  We discussed when to hold the upcoming Ticonderoga RPG and the need for game masters to help out Captain Rouviere.  If you need help with your character, please let Captain Stark know.

Crewman Ivan Podwys of the Security Department was awarded the Crewmember of the Month for his efforts in scheduling Simulator Missions in Pleasant Grove.  Congratulations Ivan!!!

The September meeting will be on Wednesday the 8th at the Weber County Library Auditorium at 7:00pm.

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  1. Also Ivan is holding another Simulator on Saturday September 4th for 5 hours as I understand it for $25 a person.

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