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Online membership application is now live

The new online membership application for the USS Ticonderoga is now live. It has been tested and should be good to go. It can be found here ONLINE APPLICATION, or by clicking on “Join” from the top menu and click on “Online Application” from the pull down menu.

This can be used by Star Trek fans in our area that is interested in joining our free club. The application is one of the steps needed to acquire membership. The other requirements are to attend two USS Ticonderoga meetings or activities (we figured that if you come back a second time, you are interested in joining), meet the Commanding Officer (Captain Erica Stark) and Executive Officer (Lt. Commander Dave Stock). Once you have done the three items above, the Ticonderoga will submit your application to Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet for approval. They will send back the orders welcoming you to the fleet and chapter.

If there are any questions, please email us at If there are any issues with the form, please email

The new online duty report is now live

We have made a major update to a section of the USS Ticonderoga website. We have switched the program for the online duty report that makes a simpler cleaner report. It also automates one of the steps in the process (thus taking out a possible bottleneck of getting your duty report to the Executive Officer).

You can now find this form by CLICKING HERE or clicking on the down arrow next to “Ranks” along the top menu and selecting “Online Duty Report” from the pull down menu. If you have the old online duty report bookmarked, you will want to replace it with the new URL linked above.

Don’t forget that submitting a monthly duty report helps to keep your membership status active. It also assists your Department Chief and Executive Officer with your rank advancements, merit awards and addressing any questions you may have. This is an important communication tool that works when people use it. You should be submitting the duty report for the months that have passed. Thus if you are submitting a duty report now for the month of March, select March from the pull down menu.

SPECIAL NOTE: This form has been tested on the following: Windows 10 Computer using Firefox, MS Edge and Google Chrome. Android Smart Phone using Google Chrome and Dolphin Browser. Amazon Fire Tablet using Silk Browser. They all submitted the form to the recipients. However if you want to make sure your form was received, mark “Yes” on “Please send me a copy of this duty report” and the Executive Officer will forward a copy of the report back to you.

If you have any issues or suggestions with the new form, please email them to

Website Under Construction

Hard at work

Greetings, All!

I hope you’re surviving the cold weather we’re having. ( Personally, I will be very happy when the warm weather returns.)

As you may have noticed, there are parts of our site here that are terribly out of date. We are working on getting things fixed. We have a crack(ed) team of specialists working to mend, spit and polish her up.  Please be patient as we work our way through this endeavor.

Our events calendar is always up-to-date, so you can go there for quick checks.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already done so, please take a gander at the latest newsletter. It’s big and beautiful and full of fun stuff.

Our meeting on December 12th is our annual Mugato Gift Exchange. This year, our mugato is red. What this means is that if the gift you bring is red, you get a little treat. (It must be the gift itself that is red, not the wrapping paper/bag.)  All gifts need to be wrapped and anonymous. If you choose something that is new and store bought, please don’t spend more than $10.00 on it. We’re just having fun and don’t want to break the bank. Handmade items are always popular. If the item you bring is used, please make sure that it is clean, has all it’s parts, and is in good working order. In short, make it something that you would like to receive.

We will be meeting in the classroom in December, so that we can have treats.

I hope to see you all there. We have some fun things to hand out before the craziness gets underway.

As you slide down the banisters of life, may the slivers never point the wrong way.  =)

-=/\=-  Erica

From the Captain: February 2017

Greetings, Crew and Visitors!
Welcome to February! We have some great activities coming up in the next year – I hope you all will be able to join us often.

At the end of January, we attended the annual Fleet Banquet, hosted by the USS Valkyrie and the USS Rendezvous. It was great to see members from nearly every ship in the fleet, in attendance.  If you haven’t been, or haven’t been in a while, I hope to see you there, one of these times, as well.

We’ve been doing some work on making sure we have a more noticeable presence here on the World Wide Web. To that end, in addition to this website, we are now on several social media sites, with more to come as they prove practical.

Snapchat: USS Ticonderoga-A
Instagram: USS Ticonderoga_A

We’re looking at a couple of others, but it isn’t yet clear as to whether or not they will be useful for our purposes. We’ll keep you updated!

For February, we have the general meeting on the 8th. We will be at our usual location, the southwest branch of the Weber county library.  2039 w. 4000 s., Roy, UT 84067, at 7 pm.
Our activity for this month is bowling. This will take place on Saturday the 25th. We will be at Davis Lanes, 1396 s. Main Street, Layton, UT 84041. We will be there from 4-6 pm.

There are more cool things coming up in March and beyond. We’ll keep you up to date on all the happenings!  (If you want to get a jump on planning, check out the calendar on the site. Just remember that sometimes plans change!)

Even though the groundhog saw his shadow today, I hope you all stay warm and cozy, and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Restoration of the website

2x11gLast month our site was vandalized and thanks to the great efforts of our host and our server guru, Jeff, we were able to get back online quickly.  We had to run with a default theme for a few days while we had a chance to get some stuff back into order.  If you find something that is wrong or a link that is missing, please let us know at our webmaster email address.  We are running with a new theme with some new rotating graphics in the header.  We hope to have some more new features posted soon.  Thanks for sticking with us and see you at the next meeting.

USS Ticonderoga Roster Update

USSTiconderogaCrew Hello again, everyone.  I hope the rest of your week went well. It was wonderful to see so many of you at the meeting, and I’m loving the energy and excitement.

As some of you may have noticed, we have spent some time updating the crew roster here on the website.  Now, we need some help from you.

Some of our information is outdated, some is outright missing, and many of our pictures are outdated.  (We are working on getting the updated photos from this year’s Fleet Banquet, for those who were in attendance.)

We need you to check the information that is posted, and send corrections if needed.

We need to know your position aboard ship. Encryption specialist? Chief turboflush technician? Assistant torpedo polisher?

Also, if you have an updated headshot (and weren’t at the banquet), please send it to us so we don’t have so many generic shadows.

Keep in mind, if you haven’t been to a club meeting or activity in over a year, you have been removed from the active-duty roster.  There’s an easy way to fix that – come to an event.

A couple reminders for upcoming activities:

Saturday, March 15 – Munchkin tournament at HaJoMaJe games in Kaysville.

Saturday, March 22, 6 – 10 pm – Star Trek Deckbuilding demo at Starbase 40.

For all my senior staff – Saturday, March 22, 3 – 6 pm – Senior Officers’ meeting at Starbase 40.

Thank you, all, for your contributions. Let’s make 2014 the year the Tico comes soaring back.

New text reminder program

tumblr_mk90upZiyg1qfmdlzo4_250Several years ago we had a text reminder system.  Unfortunately this system fell apart and we could no longer use it.  We have now discovered a new way to send a reminder via your cell phone’s SMS texting system.  If you choose to participate in this system, we will send a reminder 24 hours just before meetings and activities.  So at the most you should receive about 2-3 text messages a month.  If you decide that you would like to participate in this system, please send an email to with your phone number and name of your mobile carrier (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.).  Once we have received your information, we will send you a test text message.

How to navigate around the USS Ticonderoga

So do you want to know where some of the various rooms are located on the USS Ticonderoga?  What do you think your quarters may look like (before you added your own touches)?  Ever wondered if there is a Springball court on the ship?  Need information on the Ticonderoga for that fanfic you are working on?  Want to know where the science station is on the bridge?  Well this website is developed to help you find out about the USS Ticonderoga as we’ve set it up in the Star Trek/Seventh Fleet universe.  For answers to most of the questions posted above, you can go directly to and you can not only see a deck by deck break down of the major sections.  You can also find images of some of the rooms that would typically be on board the USS Ticonderoga.

Of course all of this interior arranging leads to another question.  Where do you want your quarters to be on the Ticonderoga?  What deck and what room number?  What else should we have on the ship?  Post your suggestions in the comments section and let’s see what we can put together.

New USS Ticonderoga recruiting flyer now online

With the right tools you can do just about anything.  Currently we need to recruit new members.  A new USS Ticonderoga recruiting flyer was created to pass out at the recent TNG 25th Anniversary event in theaters.  A PDF of this flyer has now been posted on the Ticonderoga website for use in promoting the club.  We would like to get these flyers placed in as many geek hangouts as possible.  There are two flyers per page to make it easier on printing.  The flyer works well in color or black-n-white.  Lets get the word out about our Free Star Trek fan club to all interested fans.

You can find the flyer in the Downloads section or directly HERE.