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2009 Star Trek Merit Sheet now online

The ADVOT/Merit Sheet for the 2009 Star Trek movie has now been posted online.   It can now be found in the Downloads section of the USS Ticonderoga website.  It can also be downloaded directly by clicking on this link here.  Once you have printed out this document you can put in your Star Trek 2009 DVD and answer the questions (they are presented in order as they appear on the film).  If you don’t have the DVD, you can watch it via streaming on Netflix.

Thanks to the various crewmembers who have sent in corrections on other merit sheets we have posted in the download section.  As we get more ADVOTs/Merit Sheets completed, we will post the announcements here.

USS Ticonderoga site is now live

We are now declaring that the new USS Ticonderoga site is live and officially launched.  This site has two purposes.  1- To introduce the USS Ticonderoga to potential new friends and members.  2- Information warehouse for Ticonderoga crewmembers looking for information on ADVOTs, club history, submitting reports, club flyers, rank advancements, etc.  This site was made for you.

At our July 14th  meeting we had a chance to present the site to the crew.  The Weber County Library has a computer cart with a projector screen so we were able to display the site on the movie screen.  We went over the different sections including the Online Application for new members and the Online Duty Report form for existing members (now both active).  We also showed off the Crew section with all of the individual Departments (with the photos and details of the crew.  We still need your info and photos for this section.  We also need crew submissions for the Spirit Guide section of the website.

This blog will be used as a source of information and entertainment for the Ticonderoga crew.  We will post news about the club, the Seventh Fleet and Star Trek/SF.  There will be crew highlights, trivia questions and caption contests.  PMPs will be awarded to members who post comments on the blog.

We are still working on the Photo Album and a few other sections.  And we will always be making improvements.  It was also suggested that we have a Shuttles section (crewmembers who have named their own vehicles as shuttles).  Several sections on the USS Ticonderoga site were suggested by different crewmembers. 

So what is your favorite section of the new site?  Post a comment here and let us know.

Website migration is 95% complete

We are still working very hard to get the new USS Ticonderoga website ready for it’s official launch at the July 14th meeting.  The big item remaining is the online Photo Album.  We are trying to set it up so that crewmembers can contribute photos on their own without having to go through the webmaster.  We are also working with the Engineering department for different Ticonderoga merchandise photos and options for the Quartermaster section.  We are currently working on documentation (flyers and ads) for the Download section.  The download section will constantly be updated with new wallpapers, ADVOTs and past newsletters (we are trying to get these last items scanned to PDF).  When the site is live we will have the online application and online duty report form activated.  The Crew section had a massive update from the last couple of pages including individual photos of crewmembes with details on each member.  We are still gathering photos and information for the Departments section.  If your information needs to be updated, please let us know.  We are still trying to find any links we may have in our links section.  There is one more starship named USS Ticonderoga we need to add to the Namesakes section.  We need more crew additions to the Spirit Guide section.  There is one more source we need to check to help update the Past Events section.  We are still looking for a few more videos and articles for our In The News section. 

Other sections we may add (but may not be ready in time for the official launch) include a Trophy Case (where we can show off gifts and letters from other organizations) and an online guide to the Seventh Fleet/USS Ticonderoga medals and awards.

What do you guys think so far?  Any feedback or suggestions?

New ADVOTs uploaded

Greetings Everyone

We are still trying to get the new site up to 100% completed (at least for the launch) but we will also be making regular updates as well.   As some of these updates are completed we will post about it on the official blog.

The following new ADVOTs were uploaded for the crew to use.  Romulan Culture, Vulcan Culture, Starship Captains and Star Trek Nemesis.

Let us know if you have any feedback on the new USS Ticonderoga website.

The new website is progressing

So we are still getting content up on the new Ticonderoga website.  If you have been checking every day you may have seen some of the new items come up.  We are still getting photos and more artwork up as well.  Feel free to send any feedback on what you think so far.  This will always be a work in progress.