Website migration is 95% complete

We are still working very hard to get the new USS Ticonderoga website ready for it’s official launch at the July 14th meeting.  The big item remaining is the online Photo Album.  We are trying to set it up so that crewmembers can contribute photos on their own without having to go through the webmaster.  We are also working with the Engineering department for different Ticonderoga merchandise photos and options for the Quartermaster section.  We are currently working on documentation (flyers and ads) for the Download section.  The download section will constantly be updated with new wallpapers, ADVOTs and past newsletters (we are trying to get these last items scanned to PDF).  When the site is live we will have the online application and online duty report form activated.  The Crew section had a massive update from the last couple of pages including individual photos of crewmembes with details on each member.  We are still gathering photos and information for the Departments section.  If your information needs to be updated, please let us know.  We are still trying to find any links we may have in our links section.  There is one more starship named USS Ticonderoga we need to add to the Namesakes section.  We need more crew additions to the Spirit Guide section.  There is one more source we need to check to help update the Past Events section.  We are still looking for a few more videos and articles for our In The News section. 

Other sections we may add (but may not be ready in time for the official launch) include a Trophy Case (where we can show off gifts and letters from other organizations) and an online guide to the Seventh Fleet/USS Ticonderoga medals and awards.

What do you guys think so far?  Any feedback or suggestions?

One thought on “Website migration is 95% complete”

  1. The Ticonderoga website is very easy to navigate through, well put together and alot of fun to check out. For those that have helped and are helping with the website many thanks! It also shows that the Ticonderoga is not just a Star Trek Club, we are active in our community and such. Can’ t wait for the photo album to be up and running. Keep up the good work on the Ticonderoga website everyone!

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