How to navigate around the USS Ticonderoga

So do you want to know where some of the various rooms are located on the USS Ticonderoga?  What do you think your quarters may look like (before you added your own touches)?  Ever wondered if there is a Springball court on the ship?  Need information on the Ticonderoga for that fanfic you are working on?  Want to know where the science station is on the bridge?  Well this website is developed to help you find out about the USS Ticonderoga as we’ve set it up in the Star Trek/Seventh Fleet universe.  For answers to most of the questions posted above, you can go directly to and you can not only see a deck by deck break down of the major sections.  You can also find images of some of the rooms that would typically be on board the USS Ticonderoga.

Of course all of this interior arranging leads to another question.  Where do you want your quarters to be on the Ticonderoga?  What deck and what room number?  What else should we have on the ship?  Post your suggestions in the comments section and let’s see what we can put together.