Online membership application is now live

The new online membership application for the USS Ticonderoga is now live. It has been tested and should be good to go. It can be found here ONLINE APPLICATION, or by clicking on “Join” from the top menu and click on “Online Application” from the pull down menu.

This can be used by Star Trek fans in our area that is interested in joining our free club. The application is one of the steps needed to acquire membership. The other requirements are to attend two USS Ticonderoga meetings or activities (we figured that if you come back a second time, you are interested in joining), meet the Commanding Officer (Captain Erica Stark) and Executive Officer (Lt. Commander Dave Stock). Once you have done the three items above, the Ticonderoga will submit your application to Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet for approval. They will send back the orders welcoming you to the fleet and chapter.

If there are any questions, please email us at If there are any issues with the form, please email