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Happy Holidays *<]=)}

December Greetings!

The year has flown by so fast, and 2019 is nearly done. (For some of us, that may not be a bad thing.)

Just a couple of reminders:

Wednesday, December 11, is our monthly meeting. This will be our gift exchange meeting, and our mugato mascot is orange this year.

For the gift exchange:

*Items can be new or used. (If buying new, please don’t spend more than $10.00.)
*For used items – PLEASE ensure they are clean and have all their parts. (No used hygiene items. It’s a white elephant exchange, but make sure that whatever you give is something you wouldn’t mind receiving.)

*All items need to be wrapped, with no tags. (Wrapped in a plastic grocery bag or newspaper is totally fine.)

*Each person wishing to participate in the exchange must bring a gift.

*Remember that if the gift you bring – the item itself, not the wrapping paper or packaging – matches our mugato, you get a treat. What will that be? You ask. I don’t know yet, I answer.¬† ūüėČ

*I will go to the library earlier in the day and pay the food fee, so feel free to bring light snacks if you’d like. (Nothing that can’t be cleaned up with a broom, please!)

December 31st is our annual New Year’s Eve party. This year the theme is a Hawaiian luau, and the meal is Hawaiian haystacks.

If you’d like to join us, please head over to the Facebook page and sign up for something on the event announcement
or email me directly,

Here’s hoping the last weeks of 2019 are kind and filled with joy!

-=/\=- Erica

A New Year and the Chain of Command

January 27, 2018
Promoting the rear admiral to vice admiral

Greetings, all! And happy new year!
I hope the first weeks of 2019 have been treating you well. We have a great opportunity to truly show off what the otters can do, when we host the annual Fleet Banquet on the 26th. I have full faith that we can blow it out of the water – we’ve pulled together and made great things happen many times in the past.
Thank you, all, for a great 2018. I know we can make 2019 even better.

A short note on chain of command, both within the club and within the fleet. There has been much discussion concerning observing the chain of command, which is also the chain of communication.
When we’re talking about official communications, there is a very specific trail to follow: department chief > first officer > commanding officer > fleet council > admiralty board. If you truly feel as though you have an issue that you can’t discuss with your department chief, your first option should be another department chief, or the assistant department chief, who can then bring it to the X.O., who can then take it to the C.O. Ideally, we are close enough that we can take care of issues quickly and between the involved parties. If, for whatever reason, you feel as though you can’t speak directly to the necessary party, there are workarounds to solve any issues.
There have been occasions within the fleet wherein members of a ship have gone either directly to the admiralty, or to members of a different ship, disrespecting and disregarding the official chain of command, blowing problems completely out of proportion, and blindsiding their COs and XOs when the issues are brought up at fleet council meetings. Keep in mind that this is *only* for official fleet business or issues. Chatting with other members of our fleet-wide family is welcomed and encouraged.

Thank you all for your time. See you next time!
-=/\=- Erica

The Fall 2018 issue of the Ticonderoga Transmissions has been released

The fine editors of our chapter newsletter has released the latest issue.  The Fall 2018 issue of the Ticonderoga Transmissions.

Thank you to all of the people who submitted articles, artwork and photos to the newsletter.  If you have anything that you would like to contribute, please email

The issue can be found by following this link: Ticonderoga Transmissions Fall 2018


August 12th Meeting and upcoming August activity

anim_39_bigYea, we were so distracted by a busy July that we let it slip by.¬† So let’s catch up with what is happening in August.¬† Wednesday, August 12th is our monthly meeting.¬† We are still at Central Park (behind Clearfield City Hall and Wasatch Elementary).¬† Bring your own dinner and be prepared to talk about the upcoming Salt Lake Comic Con (which is coming up very fast).

Saturday, August 22 is the next Seventh Fleet Games/Fleet Day.  This is hosted by the USS Essex.  This will be at the Spruces Campground #GRP3, Big Cottonwood Canyon (just east of Salt Lake City).  The cost is $5/person.  Please bring your money to the August 12th meeting (or have it to the Captain no latter than August 15th).  There will be a ton of games and events at this annual event.  Please wear your yellow Ticonderoga shirts or your blue Fleet shirts.

Star Trek Marathon April 30th

And now a note from Captain Erica Stark:

Greetings Crew!
As a reminder, this Saturday, April 30th, is the long-awaited movie marathon with merit sheets. This will be held at the home of Josh Linscott’s parents, in Clinton, beginning at 2 pm. (Please be sure to have some lunch beforehand, and bring some snacks to share.)

As an FYI – Space is limited.

PLEASE RSVP if you will be in attendance. Not only so we can work out the seating, but also so we know how many copies of the merit sheets to bring along. Be advised that we will ONLY bring enough for those who tell me they are coming.
Also, while there are some couches, unless you want to risk sitting on the floor, please bring a chair.

In addition, Saturday morning is the MS Walk down at the Gateway with the USS Atlantis. Some of us will be attending that, as well. IF you choose to do so, please wear a club t-shirt and good walking shoes.

On the Two-Forward list, you can simply reply to this message, because it is a discussion list. The main group is announcements only, so you will have to email me directly at to RSVP to either or both events.

Thank you!

Farewell USS Omega Glory

Farewell to the Star Trek club, the USS Omega Glory.¬† On their website they have posted that the ship was scuttled on July 4, 2010.¬† For more than ten years members of the USS Omega Glory have greeted members of the USS¬† Ticonderoga and the Seventh Fleet with open arms when we traveled to Denver.¬† In 2009 members of the Omega Glory were keeping an eye out for crewmembers from the Ticonderoga when we were stuck in a freak snowstorm while trying to travel to Starfest.¬† There have been many late night dinners at Village Inn or Garcia’s across the street from the convention hotel.¬† It appears that the community service projects for the group will continue.¬† Many of the OG members were also participating as local¬†volunteers for Search and Rescue.¬† Tally Ho.

What address to use to reach the Ticonderoga site

OK this post is going to sound weird, but it is a basic request.  If you are trying to reach this site or if you have a link to this site, please use 

Back when we first started the USS Ticonderoga website in the late 90’s it had a very long website address.¬† It was originally hosted on a crew member’s private AOL homepage.¬† Later it had moved to other free spaces that comes with different ISPs.¬† This made it difficult to post it on flyers and other advertising in an attempt to promote the group.¬† We eventually discovered a free service that shortened the address from to¬† It was shorter, it was trekkie, it was free (something very good for a fan club that didn’t charge dues to join).¬† When the service was started, it didn’t have ads.¬† Later we found a service that allowed us to register the domain name that we have today for a reasonable cost.¬† We have been using this domain name for 6+ years.¬†

Setting up our new site we wanted to know more about our visitors.¬† How did they find us, what did they look at, how long were they on the site, etc.¬† Google Analytics is one of the tools we use to track this information.¬† It has helped us check to see what areas need to be improved and what areas visitors like to see.¬† It also brought up an interesting result.¬† Someone using and ISP based in Utah has visited our site from the old address.¬† (when we first set up the domain, we forwarded the address to the domain name)¬† This isn’t a once or twice thing,¬†over 30¬†hits to the site from this one visitor come from the address.¬† Google Analytics will tell us some things about our visitors, but it won’t tell us specifically who the visitor is.¬† So to our visitor, 1- Thank you for coming by on a regular basis.¬† We hope that you are finding the information on this site informative and entertaining.¬† 2- Can you update the bookmark to the proper www domain name?¬† If this is from a site that has a link, let us know which site it is and we will contact them to get it updated.¬† I’m not certain if still has pop up ads, but if we can make your visit more enjoyable by avoiding them, that would be a plus as well.¬† To all of our other loyal visitors, I hope you enjoyed this brief history into the Ticonderoga website.