Poll: Ticonderoga meeting place

anim_57_bigWe had a lot of people join us at the Rocket Fuel Coffee Company for our last meeting and holiday gift exchange.  The crew had a lot of fun exchanging (and stealing) gifts.  A favorite drink for several members was the Hot Chocolate with white chocolate or the Italian Sodas.  Apparently we impressed the owners of the coffee shop.  They asked if we wanted to return for future monthly meetings we usually hold on the second Wednesday of the month.  The owners were willing to give us a 10% discount on our orders.  It was also not required that everyone purchase in order to participate.  Our meetings would still start at 7:00pm (but that wouldn’t stop people from arriving early to get drinks or food if they wanted).  The library meeting room closes at 8:30pm, the coffee shop closes at 9:00pm.  Both locations have free wi-fi.  The coffee shop is on main street (and a main bus line).  The library would be a classroom type setting where the coffee shop would be more of a living room style setting.  Both locations are open to the public but we can close the door to the room at the library.  There are positives and negatives to both locations.  We haven’t signed a contract for the library for the 2014 year.  What do you guys think?  Stay at the Clearfield Library or move to the Rocket Fuel Coffee shop?  As this is your club, please let Captain Stark know what your preferences are.  We haven’t made a decision yet without getting input from the crew.