USS Ticonderoga December meeting

2x15It’s finally December. So besides the normal monthly USS Ticonderoga meeting we will also have our annual gift exchange.  This year the Captain has chosen the color of Magenta for our Mugato gifts (instead of white elephants).   If you wish to participate in this gift exchange, wrap a present that you want to give and bring it.  If you want to purchase a gift, please don’t pay any more than $10.  Make the gift something you would like to receive yourself (no used loofahs or ABC bubble gum).

This meeting will be on Wednesday, December 11th at 7:00pm.  NOTE LOCATION CHANGE.  We will be meeting at the Rocket Fuel Coffee shop located at 50 S. State Street in Clearfield.  We need to meet here as our December meetings tend to go longer than the closing time of the Clearfield library.  January we will return to the library for our meeting.

There are several special announcements that will be made.  There will be a discussion on the upcoming Ticonderoga New Years Eve party.  We also need your RSVPs for the upcoming Seventh Fleet Admiral’s Banquet on January 25th (so we can get out proper food assignments).  We look forward to seeing everyone at one of our largest meetings of the year.