Welcome to the USS Ticonderoga

tumblr_mlqazxxMau1re4m0po2_250We had a great time promoting the new Star Trek: Into Darkness movie at the Megaplex 13 theaters in The Junction.  One of the best parts was meeting all of the various Star Trek fans that came out to see the movie.  There were a lot of people in uniform and a lot of interested people who stopped by the booth.  The life-sized action figure box resulted in a lot of fun photos.  We even had the Ogden Standard-Examiner come by to profile us in an article (which will be added to our In The News section soon).

So to all of those interested Star Trek fans who are now reading this website, welcome.  We made this website for our members and possible members to find out more about our free Star Trek fan club.  We have been a club since 1996.  You can read about some of our past in our History section.  We have had a wide variety of Past Activities and Upcoming Events (we are always looking to try something new).  Our Community Service is also something that we are very fond of promoting.  We are very proud of our Intrepid class starship and it’s Namesake.  What really makes our club a family is our Crew.  We are a founding chapter of the Seventh Fleet, our parent organization.  We also get along with a lot of other Star Trek/Sci-Fi groups and proudly display the gifts we’ve received in our online Trophy Case.  Besides this website, you can also interact with us on our Facebook page or on our Yahoogroups.  If you have any questions that are not on our FAQ, you can Contact us and we will be more than happy to answer them.  If you are ready to Join, you can fill out a membership application and we will let you know when the next USS Ticonderoga meeting will be.  Welcome aboard.