September 1st, start of a new Star Year

The Seventh Fleet has a stardate system set up to create a 24th Century feel to our reports, blog posts, etc.  Every September 1st is the start of a new Star Year.  During the original run of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the stardates would go up by one every September when the new season started.  It continued into Deep Space Nine and Voyager.  We just continued it after those series started.  So September 1, 2012 is now Stardate: 66090.1.  The 66 will change to 67 next September.   The next two numbers (09) is the month.  So October 2012 will be 6610x.x.  And as you probably guessed, the last two digits are the day.   We have the past dates mapped out on the Ticonderoga website under the Stardates section.