Seventh Fleet TNG Re-Watch Party now started

So the Seventh Fleet has started a new Away Team.  To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation the fleet is now hosting a weekly re-watch party for TNG episodes.  Every Sunday a new episode will be announced.  To participate, just watch the episode within the week and send in a simple questionnaire.  This questionnaire would then be collected by Admiral Stark who will then combine all of the answers and ratings and send them to the participating chapters as a newsletter article.  If all seven seasons can be completed, the newsletter articles may be combined into one large collection.  The questionnaire can be found online here.

This week we are starting with the Next Generation pilot episode “Encounter at Farpoint”.  Watch it on DVD (or the new blu-ray if you picked up the new set) or on Netflix.  Watch it by yourself or get together with a bunch of friends.  Besides the questionnaire you can also get the just released Encounter at Farpoint ADVOT.  These new ADVOTs were developed to help those wanting to take the Next Generation Commander’s Test.

Announcements about upcoming episodes, details about the project and more on this re-watch party can be found at the new Seventh Fleet sub-domain  Captain Stark would like to encourage everyone to participate in this and have fun with this re-watch party.