May activity Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire

The USS Ticonderoga May activity is coming up on Saturday the 21st.  We will be going to the 6th Annual Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire just west of Ogden.  We will be meeting at the festival at noon and spending the day taking in the sights.

If you have attended past festival, remember that they have moved to a new location this year.  The address is 1700 West 1350 South, Marriott-Slaterville, Utah.  Directions: 12th street exit, turn west to 1900 w. Turn left (south) for 200 yards, then turn left again and head east, following the signs.

Admission is $12 for adults (12 to 64), $6 for children (3-11), $10 for senior citizens (65+), $10 for those attending in full renaissance garb, $10 for Federal employees (plus 1 guest at $10 as well) and $10 for Military (plus 1 guest at $10).

Last year we met a fan wearing a Star Trek Voyager uniform at the festival.  Do we want to try to go in uniform or stick with traditional renaissance style costumes?

Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire

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  1. Personally, I think it should be whatever people want to wear, rather than an “official” look. Since it looks like you only get a discount for wearing full Renaissance garb this year, as opposed to any costume previous years, everyone attending should make certain they are going to be comfortable walking around, outdoors, in rather cool and sunny weather… If what the weather-guessers proclaimed today holds true through Saturday. -=/\=-

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