Guest speaker at May meeting

Greetings, All!

Just a quick reminder that we will be having a special guest presenter at the Ticonderoga meeting this Wednesday.  The usual half-hour socialization time will be cut very short to allow time for the presentation, so please try to be at the library on time.  We will be heading to dinner (and/or dessert) at the Village in on 12th street afterward.

See you all there.  =)

Captain Erica Stark -=/\=-

2 thoughts on “Guest speaker at May meeting”

  1. Hehehe… see what happens when you aren’t paying attention? That should read “Village INN on 12th street.”
    That’s what I get for trying to send out a reminder at the same time I’m trying to write posts to two different RPG groups. =)

    And Eric – so are we!

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