Ideas for 2011 Ticonderoga events

So at the January USS Ticonderoga meeting the crew discussed several ideas for upcoming events.  The events and activities are separate from the monthly USS Ticonderoga Meeting which is always held every second Wednesday of the month at the Weber County Library (25th and Jefferson in Ogden).  The events can be held on different dates depending upon the type of event.  Some months we can have more than one event depending upon the situation.  Most of the events are held for fun but there are also other events for community service and to help the crew in various projects.

Here is a tentative list of the events that were discussed at the meeting.  We are still looking for ideas for events as well as some of these events are not set in stone.

January: Admiral’s Banquet in Midvale (29th)

February: Laser Tag at Boondocks in Kaysville (19th)

March: St. Patrick’s Day Party at Hollie’s in Clinton (17th)

April: Star Trek Movie Marathon at TBA (2nd), Starfest Convention in Denver (15th-17th)

May: Utah Renaissance Festival & Fantasy Faire in Marriott-Slaterville (21st)

June: Boondocks events in Kaysville (18th)

July: Independence Day BBQ at TBA (4th), Harry Potter movie outing at Coleman’s Motor-Vu Drive In in Riverdale (Date TBA)

August: Seventh Fleet Olympics at TBA (Date TBA)

September: Adopt-A-Highway clean up and BBQ (Date TBA)

October: USS Voyager Simulator (8th), Halloween Party at TBA (31st)

November: LAN Party & Thanksgiving Leftovers Pot Luck at Dave Stock’s house in Syracuse (25th-26th)

December: New Years Eve Midwinter BBQ at Dave Stock’s house in Syracuse (31st)

Alternate Activities under consideration: Utah Museum of Natural History, Rocket launch, Paintball.

If you have any suggestions for activities, feel free to post them in the comments section.

3 thoughts on “Ideas for 2011 Ticonderoga events”

  1. We are still looking for more free activities, as well. In the next couple of months, the Weber county RAMP activities will be posted, and there is a strong likelihood of some of those activities being added to our list, because, as anyone with kids knows – free is good! 😉

  2. Mythbusters concerto in C4! Or, attaching a barbie to a giant model rocket and launching her. Or…. 😉

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