Congratulations to the USS PUlsar

Admiral Carl Stark (CinC Seventh Fleet), Captain Charles Corr (CO, USS Valkyrie), Captain Joe Coleflesh (CO, USS Pulsar) and Captain Erica Stark (CO, USS Ticonderoga).

Captain Erica Stark had the pleasure to represent the USS Ticonderoga at the Commissioning Ceremony of the Nova Class USS Pulsar, NCC-72358 in Utah County.

Captain Joe Coleflesh had launched a chapter-in-training, the Runabout USS St. Lawrence off of the USS Ticonderoga several years ago. He was able to build the chapter-in-training and obtain his rank of Captain with the help of Star Trek fans in Utah County. Thus the St. Lawrence was graduated to full chapter status and the USS Pulsar was launched.

The actual launching ceremony was originally scheduled to take place in 2020, however it had to be delayed until 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic. The official launch date of the full chapter is still listed as March 9, 2020 on the Seventh Fleet website.

After the Seventh Feet Commander-in-Chief read off the official orders giving Captain Coleflesh command of the Pulsar, Captain Stark and Captain Corr participated in the christening ceremony by smashing bottles on the “hull” of the ship.

Congratulations to the crew of the USS Pulsar. We are looking forward to hearing about your upcoming adventures for years to come.