USS Ticonderoga meeting on May 8th is back at the Library

tumblr_mltobfanLo1qb10wfo5_250After two months of trying to find an alternate location for the USS Ticonderoga monthly meeting, we are finally returning to the Weber County Library-Main Branch.  For the past two months the city has booked up the library space that we have normally used.  So this Wednesday we are back at 25th and Jefferson in Ogden.  We have a LOT to discuss.  The upcoming movie promotion.  Our CONduit room party at the end of the month.  The just announced Salt Lake Comic Con (with Jonathan Frakes) that will be in September.  So we will be talking and deciding on a lot of stuff.  Please be there and feel free to bring friends.  We will be going to dinner after the meeting (to be decided at the meeting).  Looking forward to seeing everyone.