Tentative USS Ticonderoga events for 2013

As promised, here is the tentative schedule for the upcoming year’s activities:

January 26 – Admiral’s banquet
February 16 – Laser tag
March 9 – Star Trek parody viewing party
April 27 – Adopt-a-highway
May 17 & 24-26 – Movie premiere & Conduit (room party)
June 15 – Game day and picnic @ Riverdale Splash Pad
July 4- BYOM BBQ
August 31 – Fleet Games
September 21 – Adopt-a-highway
October 31 – Halloween party
November 2 – AdVOT/Merit Sheet night
December 31 – New Year’s Eve party

Further details will be announced as we get them set. =)

Remember that most of these are not set in stone, so can be easily changed if something cool pops up. In the next couple of months, Weber county will be publishing it’s RAMP activities, so we may take advantage of one – or more – of the free activities offered over the summer.

It was also decided at tonight’s meeting that this year, our mugato will be emerald green, so keep that in mind for the December meeting.