It’s the end of the world as we know it

So if popular rumor is to be believed, this Friday is the end of the world.  So we’ve decided to move our New Years Eve party to Friday, December 21st to make sure we don’t miss out.  Lt. Frank Buck has offered to host the party at 7:00pm at his home in Layton.  Bring a dish to share (we are going with a Mexican food theme) and come prepared to have fun as we count down the final seconds.  Or not as the case may be.  We are still planning to have fun despite the bad rumors.  Bring a friend for the end of the world and we will see you there.

Also don’t forget that this is also the time we will be doing out gift exchange.  Normally we would have it at our December monthly meeting, but that was canceled due to conflicting schedules.  So bring your (insert color here) elephant gift exchange ($10 limit if you are purchasing anything).