15 thoughts on “Ferengi Caption Contest”

  1. Twinks caption:

    “I TOLD you not to push that button, Joey.”
    “I can`t believe it worked!”
    “I said it would work. I knew it.”
    “No, you said ‘This is SO dumb.'”
    (all look in center)
    “……..I REALLY TOLD you NOT TO PUSH the BUTTON!!!!!”

  2. “Is it edible?”
    “Maybe. The sign says, ‘Free to a good home.'”
    “Free? Blasphemy!”
    “Burn it! Burn it!”

  3. “These Betizods sure know how to throw a wedding”
    “Sure, but I wish the men would put their cloths back on.”

  4. Eliminator Leck: “Okay, I killed the Klingon targ that swallowed that slip of latinum. Now who’s going to get it out?”
    Everybody: “Uhhhh… not me.”

  5. “Okay, if I close my eyes again and pull the covers back up over my head verrryyy slowly, maybe, if I am lucky, they will all go away and I can get back to my dream about those Orion Slave girls..”

  6. “Why can’t they just call me at odd hours or ruin my credit rating like other collection agencies? Did they have to send in a bunch of ‘trolls’ to my house Christmas morning?? And where did you get those stupid bright lights???”

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