USS Ticonderoga and USS Kelly Activities this week

Greetings Crew.  This week we have two activities that we want to bring up.   The first is a fun activity at Boondocks in Kaysville.  The second is a fund raiser auction for our mothership, the USS Kelly.

On Tuesday, June 14th is the monthly USS Ticonderoga activity.  The crew voted to go to the Boondocks Fun Center located at 525 S. Deseret Drive in Kaysville.  This is where we held the lasertag activity in February.  The official start time will be 5:00 pm, though you can get there as early as you’d like.  Cost is $17.00 per person for unlimited activities (i.e. everything), which is less than the regular child’s rate on other days.  Since Captain Erica Stark will be attending a special conference for some Commanding Officers (uh…ok fine she’s going to a Lunch Lady Convention) the Ticonderoga Executive Officer Lt. Dave Stock will be in charge, so make sure you check in with him.  Rear Admiral Stark will also be in attendance, so consider it open season in lasertag, boat battles and go-kart races.  Currently some of the crew are sending in their suggestions to Lt. Stock on where they would like to go for dinner after the fun.  If you have any suggestions, email him at

On Saturday, June 18th is the USS Kelly auction.  As you all know we do not charge dues to join our chapters or the Seventh Fleet.  So every once in a while a fund raiser is held to cover basic operational costs.  Since the Kelly is our mothership and since they have come to our past auctions, we would like to encourage you to attend this function.  We do not Stand Alone!!!!   This will start with lunch at 12:00pm (Corrected the time to noon).  Lunch will be $3.00/plate or $12.00/family (4+).  The auction will start after lunch and contains a lot of Star Trek and Science Fiction/Fantasy collectables.  The location for the auction will be 12172 South 3040 West Riverton, Utah.

If you have any questions on the activities, or an other upcoming events seen on the Events Page, feel free to contact your Department Chief or the Executive Officer.

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  1. Lunch lady convention in St. George. W00t!!! Bonus points for any CONFIRMED RA hits. 😉

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