December USS Ticonderoga monthly meeting

Greetings All!

Just a quick reminder that this month’s meeting is the annual “White Mugato”  or “Purple Targ” (as you prefer) Gift Exchange.  It will be at the Weber County Library on 25th and Jefferson at 7:00pm on Wednesday the 8th.  We will be in our usual spot in the auditorium in the basement.  Just look for the USS Ticonderoga flag just outside the door.
Anyone wanting to participate must bring a wrapped, unmarked gift.  Please remember, NO previously-used personal hygiene items, nothing broken, missing parts, or just gross in general – unless it’s supposed to be that way.  If it’s something that you personally wouldn’t appreciate getting due to it’s condition, it’s probably a good bet no one else will appreciate it, either.  As far as gag or joke gifts go, just remember that this is a family-oriented group, so keep it a PG rating, please.   If you have nothing to re-gift and can’t/don’t want to make something, please remember that there is a $10.00 max amount to be spent.  We want everyone to have fun, not go broke.  =)
Hope to see you all there!