October Ticonderoga meeting and RPG report

Just a quick reminder, the next USS Ticonderoga meeting will be on Wednesday the 13th at 7:00pm.  This will be at our usual spot at the Weber County Library on 25th and Jefferson in Ogden.   Don’t forget to bring a show-n-tell and a friend.  Do we want to go out for dinner afterwards?

Also we held our last USS Ticonderoga RPG earlier this month.  The question I want to know from everyone is what would you do when the announcement came over the speakers that we have accidentally entered Romulan space?  We had a massive overload of power get dumped into the engines and we had to eject the primary warp core to stop.  Unfortunately we still careened into enemy territory and we now have a Romulan fleet racing towards our position.  On top of that we still have the unknown entity that has been taking over Vulcans and causing the technical problems.

So what would your character do?

5 thoughts on “October Ticonderoga meeting and RPG report”

  1. check all wepon systems abnd report the power level and offeneve capabilitys and then some vulcan reponce on the odd the romulans are going the help or even let us live.

  2. How do you accidentally enter Romulan space? (First thing I do when I return to a starbase is kill the engineer that fixed my navigation system.)

    I would cloak my ship and return the way I came.

  3. turn the ship around, fire a ship recorder becan/distress probey thing towards Federation space. then pump as much power into impulse/thrusters as possible to get closer to Federation space. Then hunt for the blasted entity.

  4. I would take as many scans and pictures as I could while I was listing lasily to the left. and after I got out I would leave as quickly as poss. If I got caught I would blame it on the Admiral letting his kids drive the ship.

  5. What the Captain forgot to mention is that, as we entered Romulan space, we were at warp 9.75 and corkscrewing wildly, because plasma had been vented from one nacelle, but not the other. Hope you all brought your barf bags. 😉

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