RPG adventures of the USS Ticonderoga

As you all know, the crew of the USS Retributor has been putting together the Seventh Fleet RPG using the Decipher Star Trek RPG rules.  For the past several months we have been putting together characters and Captain Stark has been getting fleet updates of adventures that our fellow chapters have been going through.  On Friday we finally had a chance to sit down and game an adventure set up for the USS Ticonderoga.  Several crew members were in attendance with their own characters and Captain Rouviere (who was our game master) was prepared with several pre-generated characters for those who showed up.  We had a mixture of RPG veterans and those just getting a taste of Role Playing.  The crew had a blast. 

Currently we are headed at top speed to the Romulan Neutral Zone in response to a possible Romulan incursion.  There is a lot more happening on the ship as well.

If you participated in the game on Friday, please post a report from your character in the comments section.  If you are working on a character or if you would like to make a character, please post in the comments what you would like that character to be (name, race, special features, etc.)  We are looking to hold another game soon and we have several volunteers who can help you put your character together.

2 thoughts on “RPG adventures of the USS Ticonderoga”

  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Executive Officer’s Log, Stardate 64304.1

    “See the universe!” they said.
    “Meet new people and enjoy grand adventures!” they said.
    “Join Starfleet! You won’t regret it!” they said.

    Faugh! I’d be willing to bet that “they” have never been trapped on a possessed ship, (I suppose this is the downside to a ship equipped with neural gel-packs), days away from the nearest assistance, heading at top speed straight toward the Romulan Neutral Zone, where we’re somehow supposed to render assistance to a couple of star bases, due to the possibility of a Romulan civil war. How, exactly, we are supposed to help, I’m not sure. Maybe when we arrive, we can exorcise the being that has taken over the Tico and send it to the Romulans, with much love, of course. Considering what we know of it’s origins, perhaps it’s a Romulan entity to begin with, and it’s trying to get home. That would explain why, when it took over, we didn’t change course. Just picked up speed. This is worrisome for the ship, as we would rather arrive at our destination with a ship that hasn’t got blown engines and no power for shields, life support, and weapons.
    To top it all off, we have an Andorian tactical officer who has apparently made it his life’s mission to aggravate the Vulcan administrator currently on board, and he is already annoyed because we’ve been diverted from our original mission of returning himself, his team, and their archeological finds to the Vulcan Science Institute.
    I suppose whatever doesn’t kill us will make us stronger, both as individuals and as a crew, but really. This is pushing things a little past the point of ridiculous.
    Well, I need to go find out if I can be of any assistance to Administrator Savar, and try to keep the crew calm and efficient.

    End Log.

    If you haven’t joined us for a game, you need to do so. We have a great time. Preferably, with your own character, but the GM always has some pre-made characters that can be used by anyone.

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