Thanks to the USS Rendezvous

Our friends from the USS Rendezvous hosted a Star Party/Rocket Launch Campout in Trenton, Utah last weekend. Those who attended had a blast despite the overcast clouds shortening the astronomy. We had attendees from the USS Kelly, USS Rendezvous, USS Ticonderoga and USS Ursa Major. Unfortunately the party from the USS Retributor had run into car problems and couldn’t make it.

Besides the astronomy there were several other events that we participated in. Some command training was provided. The Rendezvous was able to demonstrate the new Seventh Fleet Science Academy. With the number of shops in the area, several supply runs were made. The kids had a blast playing with the different animals on the farm. The group participated in a D6 Star Wars Role Playing session. And one of the major highlights of the day was the Dutch Oven Ribs for dinner.

The primary goal of the campout was to get as many people to relax as possible.  Thanks to the efforts of Captain Trowbridge and her crew, I feel that this goal was accomplished.   Thanks guys, we are looking forward to the next campout.