Changes coming for the USS Ticonderoga

At the monthly USS Ticonderoga meeting on Wednesday, November 10th, Admiral Dennis Hollinger made an announcement regarding the Seventh Fleet.  With the growth of our Star Trek family, with more and more chapters, there has become a need for additional assistance in fleet operations.  Admiral Hollinger has named Captain Carl Stark as his new assistant and will be promoting him to the rank of Rear Admiral at the January 29th Admiral’s Banquet.

To fill the position of USS Ticonderoga Commanding Officer, Lt. Erica Stark will be given a field promotion to Captain.  This promotion and change of command will also happen at the Admiral’s Banquet.  A field promotion means that Lt. Stark will continue with her rank advancement program set down by the fleet and also report her progress at regular intervals to the Seventh Fleet Council.

With the change of command will also come a change of command styles.  Some things will remain the same.  The USS Ticonderoga will still be focused on serving our Star Trek family, on completing our community service projects and our goal of having fun with our fandom.  But there will be some changes that come with a new commanding officer.  Soon to be Captain Erica Stark has asked Lt. Dave Stock to be her Executive Officer when the change of command happens in January.  She has also asked Lt. Kevin Hancock to remain on the Command Staff as the Second Officer/Strategic Operations Officer, continuing his position that he has fulfilled for the past several years.

After the change of command ceremony, all current Department Chiefs will be released from their positions, with our thanks.  Starting now, anyone may apply for any department chief position.  An application and list of department chief duties will be available at the December 8th USS Ticonderoga monthly meeting.  The new department chief’s will officially be introduced at the Ticonderoga’s February meeting.  There will also be an opportunity for crewmembers to transfer between any department with one exception.  Due to the massive size of the Tactical Department, a transfer into that department will only be allowed if someone leaves that department.

If you have any questions regarding the changes or transfers, feel free to contact your Department Chief or a member of the Command Staff.

Tally ho,
Captain Carl Stark, Commanding Officer
USS Ticonderoga, NCC-74676

Personal Note from Captain Carl Stark: I’ve had the opportunity to serve as your commanding officer since 1996.  This has been a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, support you as members of my Star Trek family and learn from each and every one of you.  I will still be coming to future meetings and activities, I just get to enjoy the seats as a member of the audience.  I ask that you support soon to be Captain Erica Stark as much as you have supported me.  I know she has a lot of wonderful ideas on where she wants to take the club in our travels through the undiscovered country.  I also ask that you don’t make the assumption that if a piece of information was given to one of us, that it was automatically passed on to the other.  Both of our positions will require us to do a lot of talking and traveling and things may slip through the cracks.  Lets make sure we are using the proper lines of communication that we have set up within our organization.  This has been one of our strengths in the past, lets continue to use that strength now in our time of change.  I thank you all for being members of my Star Trek family and I look forward to serving all of you in a larger capacity.