Happy New (Star)Year

Happy New Staryear!!!!!   In the Seventh Fleet we have set up a system (documented on our website under Stardates) to translate calendar dates to “stardates”.  This gives our documentation a 24th Century feel that we see in the show.   They are not official and can’t really be used to translate the stardates we see on the show.  But it is something we have been using for quite some time.  Several members have also used these on their various blogs.

The new seasons of past Star Trek television series usually first aired in September.  Thus the new season of stardates would go up by one number.  This is the reason we start our new year in September.   So Happy New Year and welcome to Stardate 64090.1.

2 thoughts on “Happy New (Star)Year”

  1. John you were correct. We have updated this to show the correct date. We even checked with Admiral Hollinger and he confirmed that it is Stardate 64xxx.x.

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