What should we do for 2017?

The new year is here (finally).  As we do at every January meeting, we fill out our calendar for what events we would like to do.  Is there an activity or charity event that you would like to see the Ticonderoga participate in?  Bring the details to the January 11th meeting and we can see can find a time for it.

As mentioned above, the January meeting will be on the 11th at the Roy Library.  We will still be starting at 7:00pm.  Bring a friend, bring family, just be there.

We do have one activity already lined up, on Saturday, January 28th.  This is the date of our annual Seventh Fleet Admiral’s Banquet.  The host is the USS Valkyrie and they have already covered the food costs (yes you do not need to pay for food, but a donation jar will be available if you wish to donate).  The meal will be a potato bar.  If you cannot have this, you are welcome to bring your own meal.  This will start at 2:00pm and will contain speeches and videos from the different chapters.  This is a uniformed or nice-dress event. It is also a very wonderful opportunity to meet the other members of our Star Trek family.  Please RSVP with the Captain ASAP if you wish to attend this event.  She needs to turn in a head count for this event.

Happy New Year everyone.

One thought on “What should we do for 2017?”

  1. We would like to invite the fleet to Winter Palooza!
    It’s the Utah Kids Club 11th Palooza, with over
    52,000 familiesi n the club, palooza will be huge!
    Sat. Feb 4th at South Towne Expo Center.
    It’s a family fun day with everything from ferris wheels,
    ropes course, bounce house, princesss, super heroes,
    star wars characters, sony entertainment is even sending
    the smurfs.
    Come out, in costume and help us raise funds for a local
    refugee group.
    Cali Kellywood

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