USS Ticonderoga February activity: 10th Anniversary Olympic Sport Festival

Our next USS Ticonderoga activity will be coming up on Saturday, February 18th.  The crew voted to take the UTA Frontrunner down to Salt Lake City and attend the 10th Anniversary Olympic Sport Festival.  This will be held at the Gateway Shopping Center and is free to the public.  Wear your club or Star Trek t-shirts.

Ridding Frontrunner/TRAX:

The train will LEAVE the stations at the following times.  Ogden- 1:16pm, Roy- 1:22pm, Clearfield- 1:31pm, Layton- 1:36pm.  We will then arrive at the Salt Lake Station at 2:07pm.  We will then hop on the next TRAX leaving the Salt Lake Station and should be at the Gateway in a matter of minutes.  UTA offers a group pass for 4 people (roundtrip) for $13.50.  This would be about $3.40 per person.  By comparison a single round trip ticket would run between $8-9 per person so make arrangements with your fellow USS Ticonderoga members to maximize savings.

At the Festival:

We may be joined by some members of the Salt Lake chapters at this event.  We plan to walk around and take in the sights at the festival.  Depending upon time and events, we may also hit up the Clark Planetarium (which is also located in the Gateway).  The festival itself ends at 6:00pm.  We are planning to eat in the Gateway’s food court (think standard mall food court for selection and prices) for dinner.  Afterwards we will hop on TRAX & Frontrunner to return home.