2011 Seventh Fleet Olympics results

The crew of the USS Ticonderoga had a blast at the 2011 Seventh Fleet Olymipcs hosted by the USS Atlantis in Idaho.  Here are the results of having fun with our Star Trek family.

Tribble Hunt (Cadet): Gold- Vivan Trowbridge, Silver- Alex Stock, Bronze- Aurora Stark

Shuttle Launch (Cadet): Gold- Samuel Hollinger, Silver- Vivian Trowbridge, Bronze- Katherine Trowbridge

Geese Juggling (Cadet): Gold- Aurora Stark, Silver- Katherine Trowbridge, Bronze- Aunika Corr

Pin the Tail on the T-Rex (Cadet): Gold- Dakota Hohnstein, Silver- Kelby Marroquin, Bronze- Aurora Stark

Phaser, Shield, Horta (Cadet): Gold- Samuel Hollinger, Silver- Katherine Trowbridge, Bronze- Aunika Corr

Minefield (Cadet): Gold- Dakota Hohnstein, Silver- Samuel Hollinger, Bronze- Alex Stock

Shields (Cadet): Gold- Samuel Hollinger, Silver- Vivan Trowbridge, Bronze- Alex Stock

Orions Pirate Dice: Gold- Lt. Cmdr. Jill Bogler, Silver- Lt. Kasey Stevens, Bronze- Lt. Aaron Stevens

Starfleet Intelligence: Gold- Admiral Carl Stark, Silver- Captain Rex Rouviere, Bronze- Lt. Cmdr. Roger Taylor

Eggscape Pod: Gold- Cmdr. Ross Trowbridge, Silver- Lt. (j.g.) Tristan Vilhauer, Bronze- Lt. Cmdr. Roger Taylor

Subspace Interference: Gold- Lt. Cmdr. Roger Taylor, Silver- Crewman Rick Hauerd, Bronze- Captain Rex Rouviere

Dicey Situation: Gold- Captain Rex Rouviere, Silver- Captain Erica Stark, Bronze- Lt. Dave Stock

Transporter Malfunction: Gold- Lt. Justin Rouviere, Silver- Crewman Josh Taylor, Bronze- Ensign Josh Merrill

Phaser Range: Gold- Lt. Dave Stock, Silver- Captain David Thallman, Bronze- Crewman Rick Hauerd

Saucer Separation: Gold- Lt. Dave Stock, Silver- Ensign Josh Merrill, Bronze- Captain Dave Thallman

Torpedo Lock: Gold- Admiral Dennis Hollinger, Silver- Captain Marla Trowbridge, Bronze- Lt. Dave Stock

Q’Vak: Gold- Ensign Matt Quinn, Silver- Captain Rex Rouviere, Bronze- Lt. (j.g.) Josh Linscott

Shields: Gold- Captain Rex Rouviere, Silver- Lt. (j.g.) Jeremy Rouviere, Bronze- Lt. Cmdr. Jill Bogler

Minefield: Gold- Colby Hohnstein & Dave Stock, Silver- Josh Taylor & Matt Quinn, Bronze- Josh Merrill & Josh Linscott

Power Transfer: Gold- Josh Merrill & Josh Linscott, Silver- Marla Trowbridge & Matt Chism, Bronze- Justin Rouviere & Jeremy Rouviere

Duterium Transfer: Gold- Aunika, Jeff, Josh M, Kenway, Carl, Josh L & Alex  Silver- Vicki, Justin, Jeremy, Dennis, Galen, Colby, Dakota & Kelby

Technobabble: Gold- Aaron, Dave, Carol, Galen, Lilly, Rick, Carl, Tristan & John  Silver- Tristan, Casey, Alex, Marla, Matt, Dennis, Jeremy, Justin, Jill & Ruth

Once again the USS Ticonderoga would love to thank the command and crew of the USS Atlantis for all of the hard work they put into the games.  We also loved seeing all of our Star Trek family in the Seventh Fleet.