Fifteen Years as a Star Trek Fan Club

The Star Trek fan club, the USS Ticonderoga, has been a group for fifteen years now.  We started in March 1996 as the Runabout (Chapter-in-Training) USS Euphrates.  Our launching ceremony was in Clearfield, Utah.  In 1997 we graduated to starship status and became the USS Ticonderoga.  We’ve helped launch Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet, several new chapter-in-trainings and the imagination of a lot of Star Trek fans.  We’ve had our ups and downs.  Our triumphs and our defeats.  We have our friends to thank for a lot of these fond memories.

So what we would like to ask everyone, member or friend, is to click on comment and share any memory of the USS Ticonderoga over the past fifteen years.  Our eventual goal is to publish some of these in an upcoming issue of the Ticonderoga Transmissions newsletter.

Thank you for being our comrades, we look forward to another fifteen years of Trekkin’.

5 thoughts on “Fifteen Years as a Star Trek Fan Club”

  1. Lots of years of memories…. papier-mache’-ing and then painting the 8-ft foam Ticonderoga, a few parades, conventions, camping trips, laser tag, paintball, all the fun at the yearly Fleet Olympics, gaming, partying, seeing kids in the group grow up. Good times! =)

  2. The Captain and crew of the USS Retributor send our compliments and congratulations for an amazing fifteen years. We look forward to seeing what you do with the next fifteen!


  3. Pretty much everything Erica mentioned, Carl’s recycled jokes, hanging out with friends and having fun. My last 9 Years with the club have been fun. Hopefully we’ll have many more fun years together. That’s too many memories to put into this little comment box.

  4. Too many memories to list in the box….. All time fav would have to be Ivan almost blowing me up on the 4th last year.
    Congrats on 15, I look forward to serving another 15 :).

  5. Yes why too many memories to put down but my three youngest kids have grown up on the Tico so they have know you all as long as they have know me and their mom Dani. 7 years sure goes by fast,

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