Free pie after USS Ticonderoga meetings

Last Wednesday was the USS Ticonderoga February meeting at the Weber County Library-Main Branch .  This was the first meeting conducted by newly minted Captain Erica Stark.  She announced that Crewman Hollie Caudell was named Crewman of the Year for 2010.  She also announced that Rear Admiral Carl Stark was announced as the January Crewmember of the Month for all of his hard work towards the chapter.

This was also the first opportunity to announce some of the new Department Chiefs.  Lieutenant Frank Buck will be staying as the Chief of Security.  Lieutenant John Barnes has accepted the position of Chief of Communications.  One of his main goals is to get the Ticonderoga Transmissions newsletter back up and running.  Crewman Hollie Caudell will be remaining as the Chief of Tactical.  There are still several other positions that need to be filled such as Civilian (Counselor), Chief of Conn, Chief of Engineering, Chief of Medical, Chief of Operations and Chief of Science.  If you wish to be considered for a position, feel free to email the Application to Captain Erica Stark.

A question that always seems to come up after the meeting is “Where are we going to go eat?”  The crew likes to gather after the meetings and events to continue the socialization in a relaxed setting.  Today Captain Stark has decided that as long as Village Inn continues with the Free Pie Wednesdays, we will go to the Village Inn located at 322 12th Street in Ogden.  We will usually get there about 9:00-9:15pm.  So even if you can’t join us for the meeting due to work, see if you can join us for dinner afterwards.

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