Poll: Future on the USS Ticonderoga

Ok for our next poll we want to hear from everyone about what they would like to see in the future of the USS Ticonderoga.  Is there an activity you would like to do?  Do you have a community service event that the club could help out with?  Any suggestions for the ranking system or the way meetings are run?  Do you have thoughts about the website or newsletter or anything?  This is an opportunity to post any suggestions or comments that you would like about the club.  Just click on “Comments” below and let us know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Poll: Future on the USS Ticonderoga”

  1. More people joining us. More rank advancements. More people coming to meetings and activities. I like to see all my Star Trek family as often as possible! =)

  2. I think that we need to find more “free” activities for those of us that are struggling. I know that we never stand alone, but sometimes when the activity requires you to pay, it makes it very difficult for some people to attend, even though they would love the opportunity.

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