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USS Ticonderoga and USS Kelly Activities this week

Greetings Crew.  This week we have two activities that we want to bring up.   The first is a fun activity at Boondocks in Kaysville.  The second is a fund raiser auction for our mothership, the USS Kelly.

On Tuesday, June 14th is the monthly USS Ticonderoga activity.  The crew voted to go to the Boondocks Fun Center located at 525 S. Deseret Drive in Kaysville.  This is where we held the lasertag activity in February.  The official start time will be 5:00 pm, though you can get there as early as you’d like.  Cost is $17.00 per person for unlimited activities (i.e. everything), which is less than the regular child’s rate on other days.  Since Captain Erica Stark will be attending a special conference for some Commanding Officers (uh…ok fine she’s going to a Lunch Lady Convention) the Ticonderoga Executive Officer Lt. Dave Stock will be in charge, so make sure you check in with him.  Rear Admiral Stark will also be in attendance, so consider it open season in lasertag, boat battles and go-kart races.  Currently some of the crew are sending in their suggestions to Lt. Stock on where they would like to go for dinner after the fun.  If you have any suggestions, email him at XO@USSTiconderoga.org

On Saturday, June 18th is the USS Kelly auction.  As you all know we do not charge dues to join our chapters or the Seventh Fleet.  So every once in a while a fund raiser is held to cover basic operational costs.  Since the Kelly is our mothership and since they have come to our past auctions, we would like to encourage you to attend this function.  We do not Stand Alone!!!!   This will start with lunch at 12:00pm (Corrected the time to noon).  Lunch will be $3.00/plate or $12.00/family (4+).  The auction will start after lunch and contains a lot of Star Trek and Science Fiction/Fantasy collectables.  The location for the auction will be 12172 South 3040 West Riverton, Utah.

If you have any questions on the activities, or an other upcoming events seen on the Events Page, feel free to contact your Department Chief or the Executive Officer.

A video of the fun at Starfest 2011

So members of the USS Ticonderoga and the Seventh Fleet had a ton of fun last weekend.  WE had the opportunity to join our friends at Starfest 2011 in Denver.  While we were there, Brian Wesley of the USS Kelly had taken a ton of video footage.  He has been putting it together ind different videos showing the fun that was had at the con.  Here is the first video that he has posted on YouTube.


What memories do you have of the convention?


Changes coming for the USS Ticonderoga

At the monthly USS Ticonderoga meeting on Wednesday, November 10th, Admiral Dennis Hollinger made an announcement regarding the Seventh Fleet.  With the growth of our Star Trek family, with more and more chapters, there has become a need for additional assistance in fleet operations.  Admiral Hollinger has named Captain Carl Stark as his new assistant and will be promoting him to the rank of Rear Admiral at the January 29th Admiral’s Banquet.

To fill the position of USS Ticonderoga Commanding Officer, Lt. Erica Stark will be given a field promotion to Captain.  This promotion and change of command will also happen at the Admiral’s Banquet.  A field promotion means that Lt. Stark will continue with her rank advancement program set down by the fleet and also report her progress at regular intervals to the Seventh Fleet Council.

With the change of command will also come a change of command styles.  Some things will remain the same.  The USS Ticonderoga will still be focused on serving our Star Trek family, on completing our community service projects and our goal of having fun with our fandom.  But there will be some changes that come with a new commanding officer.  Soon to be Captain Erica Stark has asked Lt. Dave Stock to be her Executive Officer when the change of command happens in January.  She has also asked Lt. Kevin Hancock to remain on the Command Staff as the Second Officer/Strategic Operations Officer, continuing his position that he has fulfilled for the past several years.

After the change of command ceremony, all current Department Chiefs will be released from their positions, with our thanks.  Starting now, anyone may apply for any department chief position.  An application and list of department chief duties will be available at the December 8th USS Ticonderoga monthly meeting.  The new department chief’s will officially be introduced at the Ticonderoga’s February meeting.  There will also be an opportunity for crewmembers to transfer between any department with one exception.  Due to the massive size of the Tactical Department, a transfer into that department will only be allowed if someone leaves that department.

If you have any questions regarding the changes or transfers, feel free to contact your Department Chief or a member of the Command Staff.

Tally ho,
Captain Carl Stark, Commanding Officer
USS Ticonderoga, NCC-74676

Personal Note from Captain Carl Stark: I’ve had the opportunity to serve as your commanding officer since 1996.  This has been a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, support you as members of my Star Trek family and learn from each and every one of you.  I will still be coming to future meetings and activities, I just get to enjoy the seats as a member of the audience.  I ask that you support soon to be Captain Erica Stark as much as you have supported me.  I know she has a lot of wonderful ideas on where she wants to take the club in our travels through the undiscovered country.  I also ask that you don’t make the assumption that if a piece of information was given to one of us, that it was automatically passed on to the other.  Both of our positions will require us to do a lot of talking and traveling and things may slip through the cracks.  Lets make sure we are using the proper lines of communication that we have set up within our organization.  This has been one of our strengths in the past, lets continue to use that strength now in our time of change.  I thank you all for being members of my Star Trek family and I look forward to serving all of you in a larger capacity.

Happy New (Star)Year

Happy New Staryear!!!!!   In the Seventh Fleet we have set up a system (documented on our website under Stardates) to translate calendar dates to “stardates”.  This gives our documentation a 24th Century feel that we see in the show.   They are not official and can’t really be used to translate the stardates we see on the show.  But it is something we have been using for quite some time.  Several members have also used these on their various blogs.

The new seasons of past Star Trek television series usually first aired in September.  Thus the new season of stardates would go up by one number.  This is the reason we start our new year in September.   So Happy New Year and welcome to Stardate 64090.1.

Seventh Fleet Olympics was a blast

Several members of the USS Ticonderoga at the 2010 Seventh Fleet Olympics
Several members of the USS Ticonderoga at the 2010 Seventh Fleet Olympics

The Seventh Fleet Olympics was held on Saturday, August 21 in Layton, Utah.  We had the opportunity to have fun with members of our Star Trek family from the USS Atlantis, USS Kelly, USS Rendezvous and USS Retributor.  A lot of Ticonderoga members walked away with medals, and more importantly more friendships.  We hope to post the results very soon.  What events did you guys like the most at the Olympics?

Seventh Fleet Olympic Schedule

As requested, here is the schedule for the upcoming Seventh Fleet Olympics.  This fleet wide event will be held on Saturday, August 21 at the Chapel Park (152 South 900 East) in Layton and will be hosted by the USS Retributor.  I would recommend arriving early to sign up for the entries that you wish to participate in.  I’m not certain if the number of slots are limited.

The events are divided into three categories.  Cadet (younger crewmembers), Ship (low active) and Away Team (very active).  This way there are events for everyone to medal in.  Some are team based, some are individual based.

10:00-11:00 Mingle and Event Sign Up

11:00-11:30 Shuttle Launch (Cadet); Shuttle Launch (Ship); Set Your Course (Away Team)

11:30-12:00 Screamer (Cadet); Queen to Queen’s Level 3 (Ship); Set Your Course (continued)

12:00-12:30 Minefield (Cadet); Anti-Gravity Rod (Ship); Minefield (Away Team)

12:30-13:30 Meal Break

13:30-14:00 Shields (Cadet); Shields (Ship); Sensor Separation/Picard (Away Teams)

14:00-14:30 One Moon Circles (Cadet); One Moon Circles (Ship); Sensor Separation/Picard (continued)

14:30-15:00 Geese Juggling (Cadet); Pipeline (Ship); Q’Vak (Away Teams)

15:00-15:30 Phasers, Shields, Horta (Cadet); Phasers, Shields, Horta (Ship); Last Red Shirt Standing (Away Team)

15:30-16:00 Deuterium Transfer (Cadet); Orion Pirate’s Dice (Ship); Deuterium Transfer (Away Team)

16:00-16:30 Deuterium Transfer (continued); Technobabble (Ship); Deuterium Transfer (continued)

16:30-17:00 Pin the Tail on the T-Rex (Cadet); Ship Puzzles (Ship); Survivor: Warp Bubble (Away Team)

17:00-18:00 Awards Ceremony

18:00 Clean Up (points awarded for helping)

We are looking forward to seeing everyone there.  This is one of the major chances to see everyone in the fleet.

News from Seventh Fleet Council meeting

Over the weekend the USS Ticonderoga hosted the quarterly Seventh Fleet Council Meeting.  Representatives from the USS Atlantis, USS Kelly, USS Rendezvous, USS Retributor and USS Ursa Major were also in attendance.  Captain Marla Trowbridge from the USS Rendezvous conducted the meeting. 

Some of the highlights from the agenda include the new meeting protocol (that we were currently experimenting with), the role of Admiral Hollinger and the format of the new Commanding Officer Exams (Admiral Hollinger had samples of the new test).  The new exams will make it easier for potential command grade officers to prepare for the upcoming test.  We have at least 6-7 upcoming officers who are ready to take the exam now. 

Captain Rouviere from the USS Retributor discussed the upcoming Seventh Fleet Olympics (which they are hosting) on Saturday, August 21 in Layton, Utah.  If you wish to partake of the catered lunch the money ($5/adults $2/kids)  is due by August 7th.  This is not a requirement to participate and you can bring your own lunch if you would like, but just remember that with no garbage service in the park you will need to haul out your own trash.   There is also a special T-Shirt that can be printed up for the Olympics.  The costs and samples are posted on the Seventh Fleet website under the quartermaster section.  The due date for these are also on August 7th.  Captain Rouviere also discussed the upcoming Seventh Fleet/Star Trek RPG campaigns that they are willing to run for the various chapters.  He then provided some of the Seventh Fleet RPG manuals to the commanding officers.  The last item covered by Captain Rouviere was the upcoming list of Seventh Fleet protocols.

Captain Stark from the USS Ticonderoga discussed the new Captain’s Mailing list.  It was decided to allow the Executive Officers/Second Officers access to the mailing list as well.  An update on the Seventh Fleet website was provided (and updates are still ongoing).  There is also a proposal currently being investigated by the Ticonderoga to see if 50-56 Seventh Fleet members and friends would be willing to charter a bus to Starfest in Denver next April.  The estimated cost on this would be between $80-100 per person.

Captain Corr from the USS Atlantis had reported their fundraising efforts at the recent Relay for Life in Idaho.  They were excited to have their first rank advancement in the Seventh Fleet system.  They also extended several invitations to Utah members to attend some of their upcoming events including the club’s 13th Anniversary and the Atlantian Race.

Captain Trowbridge of the USS Rendezvous brought up ideas with quarterly minutes and fleet information.  She also discussed sharing the cost of lunches provided by the hosting chapter.

The next quarterly meeting will be in October and will be hosted by the USS Atlantis.  The USS Ticonderoga will be the conducting party.

Welcome to the USS Atlantis

This Saturday, June 26th, the USS Atlantis will be hosting a Welcome to the Seventh Fleet BBQ in Southern Idaho. The USS Atlantis is the latest addition to our Star Trek family. It was just last August that Captain Charles Corr had contacted the Seventh Fleet inquiring about a home for his group. The Atlantis had been around since the late 90’s and survived the breakup of their previous parent organization.  The USS Atlantis has made a lot of effort to join the Seventh Fleet by driving down for special events (Admiral’s Banquet and Seventh Fleet Olympics) as well as attending the Fleet Council Meetings.   The USS Ticonderoga will be represented by Captain Carl Stark, Executive Officer Lieutenant Erica Stark and Chief Engineer Lt. (j.g.) John Barnes at the welcoming ceremony.  We are looking forward to exciting adventures with our new friends from Idaho.  Welcome aboard.

Thanks to the USS Rendezvous

Our friends from the USS Rendezvous hosted a Star Party/Rocket Launch Campout in Trenton, Utah last weekend. Those who attended had a blast despite the overcast clouds shortening the astronomy. We had attendees from the USS Kelly, USS Rendezvous, USS Ticonderoga and USS Ursa Major. Unfortunately the party from the USS Retributor had run into car problems and couldn’t make it.

Besides the astronomy there were several other events that we participated in. Some command training was provided. The Rendezvous was able to demonstrate the new Seventh Fleet Science Academy. With the number of shops in the area, several supply runs were made. The kids had a blast playing with the different animals on the farm. The group participated in a D6 Star Wars Role Playing session. And one of the major highlights of the day was the Dutch Oven Ribs for dinner.

The primary goal of the campout was to get as many people to relax as possible.  Thanks to the efforts of Captain Trowbridge and her crew, I feel that this goal was accomplished.   Thanks guys, we are looking forward to the next campout.