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Happy New Year 2013

Welcome everyone to the year 2013 (Stardate: 66010.1 in the Seventh Fleet system).  The year of 2012 held many good memories for us.  Star Trek: The Next Generation turned 25 years old (and we are celebrating with the TNG Re-Watch Party that is still going on).  We had the re-integration with Utah’s longest running Science Fiction convention, CONduit with special guest Tim Russ (Tuvok from Star Trek: Voyager).  At this convention the USS Ticonderoga won the Room Party Contest.  The release of Star Trek: TNG blu-rays had two theater specials.  The Seventh Fleet held a wonderful Admiral’s Banquet and Seventh Fleet games where we had fun with our Star Trek family.   We started role-playing nights for Star Trek and Dungeons and Dragons.  And Star Trek returned locally to our airwaves on KTVX 4.2.

So what are we looking forward to in 2013?  This will be the 15th Anniversary of the founding of the Seventh Fleet.  We had to pull together after our previous parent organization had disbanded. Even today challenges remain and new adventures await us.  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will turn 20 years old in 2013.  Star Trek fan, author and historian, Larry Nemecek, will be attending CONduit 23 as a guest.  And probably the biggest event, the new Star Trek Into Darkness will be released on May 17th.  This will be an opportunity to promote both the movie and the club as well.

So what else will we be doing in 2013?  There are many months that we could fill with many fun club activities.  At the January 9th meeting we will be putting together the 2013 calendar of events.  We need everyone to show up and submit your ideas and feedback on many different events and community service that the club can participate in.  This will be at the Weber County Library-Main Branch (25th and Jefferson in Ogden).  This is your club, what would you like to see it do?

Seventh Fleet represent!!!!!!!!

So several chapters in the Seventh Fleet had the opportunity to attend the Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Two theatrical premier last week.  Star Trek historian and archivist Larry Nemecek was collecting photos from various events across the country to show on his Trekland website.  Of the photos he selected he chose several from the USS Retributor in Salt Lake and the USS Ticonderoga in Ogden.

You can see the photos from both Star Trek clubs (and more) here.  Apparently Larry’s theater had some technical difficulties the night of the event.

September 1st, start of a new Star Year

The Seventh Fleet has a stardate system set up to create a 24th Century feel to our reports, blog posts, etc.  Every September 1st is the start of a new Star Year.  During the original run of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the stardates would go up by one every September when the new season started.  It continued into Deep Space Nine and Voyager.  We just continued it after those series started.  So September 1, 2012 is now Stardate: 66090.1.  The 66 will change to 67 next September.   The next two numbers (09) is the month.  So October 2012 will be 6610x.x.  And as you probably guessed, the last two digits are the day.   We have the past dates mapped out on the Ticonderoga website under the Stardates section.

Seventh Fleet TNG Re-Watch Party now started

So the Seventh Fleet has started a new Away Team.  To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation the fleet is now hosting a weekly re-watch party for TNG episodes.  Every Sunday a new episode will be announced.  To participate, just watch the episode within the week and send in a simple questionnaire.  This questionnaire would then be collected by Admiral Stark who will then combine all of the answers and ratings and send them to the participating chapters as a newsletter article.  If all seven seasons can be completed, the newsletter articles may be combined into one large collection.  The questionnaire can be found online here.

This week we are starting with the Next Generation pilot episode “Encounter at Farpoint”.  Watch it on DVD (or the new blu-ray if you picked up the new set) or on Netflix.  Watch it by yourself or get together with a bunch of friends.  Besides the questionnaire you can also get the just released Encounter at Farpoint ADVOT.  These new ADVOTs were developed to help those wanting to take the Next Generation Commander’s Test.

Announcements about upcoming episodes, details about the project and more on this re-watch party can be found at the new Seventh Fleet sub-domain http://TNG.SeventhFleet.org  Captain Stark would like to encourage everyone to participate in this and have fun with this re-watch party.

Seventh Fleet Admiral’s Banquet information

And now a word from Captain Erica Stark:

The 2012 Seventh Fleet Admiral’s Banquet will be held on Saturday, January 28th in Richmond, Utah.  This is a potluck banquet. Here is how the food, etc., will be handled.

There are 6 categories of items to bring, and 15 slots for each item, fleet-wide.  The slots are first come, first served, so I need for you to choose your top 3 items.  Commodore Henline will slot your name into an available slot/item, and I will pass the information back to you.  Please only sign up if you will be attending.   You can email your selections back to me.

Below are the categories:

1 – Main Dish – must be soup, stew or chili.  12 servings’ worth only, please.

2 – Salads – green, jello, potato, macaroni, etc.  12 servings’ worth only, please.

3 – Bread – rolls, etc.  12 servings’ worth only, please.

4 – Desserts – any.  12 servings’ worth only, please.

5 – Drinks – any. 12 servings’ worth only, please.

6 – Dishes – plates, bowls, utensils, cups, napkins. Enough of any one item for 12 people.

I can tell you that the main dish slots were filling up quickly at the fleet council meeting.  Also, the given items are one per family/couple/individual.  If you attend by yourself, you are responsible for 1 item.  A couple is responsible for 1 item.  A family is responsible for 1 item.

Remember that the dress code for the banquet is uniforms or best possible dress.

Please let me know your selections ASAP.

Also, if any of you have pictures of any 2011 ship activities, please send a copy to me.  Each ship is again responsible for a 5-minute video report, and I need to have it ready to go by January 26th.

Thanks, all!

Seventh Fleet 2012 Calendar now on sale

Greetings everyone. The Seventh Fleet is holding a fundraiser by selling a custom printed 2012 calendar.  It contains artwork and photos from the different Seventh Fleet chapters.  There are dates of Seventh Fleet and chapter events.  Star Trek anniversaries and special events.  Since the Seventh Fleet supports local businesses, the calendar was published by a company based in Ogden.

The cost is $10/calendar.  This calendar will be given a limited run based on the number of pre-orders turned into your Commanding Officer by Tuesday, December 20th.  Checks can be written out to Dennis Hollinger.  The calendar will be delivered on the last week of December.  The image seen above is the cover for the calendar.

Ticonderoga Activity: USS Kelly 25th Anniversary Party

As many of you know, the USS Kelly was the mothership that launched the chapter-in-training that eventually became the USS Ticonderoga.  September 2011 is the 25th Anniversary of the USS Kelly as a Star Trek fan club.  The USS Kelly has been promoting Star Trek and the values that we try to live up to since 1986.  And they have been doing this without charging any dues during the club’s entire run.  They have no plans to charge dues in the future as well.

The USS Ticonderoga crew wanted to celebrate with our Star Trek family by making the 25th Anniversary party the official monthly activity.  Here is the invitation from the USS Kelly.

Get Ready to come in your Birthday suit

No, not that one, you silly-dilly. Starfleet regulations for modesty still apply. The grand lady known as the USS Kelly has had a birthday, and it’s a big one. Unlike some women who are shy about revealing the number, she’s proud of her age and has earned every one of her years. As of September 1st, the USS Kelly turned 25. That’s right, 25 years. A quarter of a century. Two and a half decades. The big 2-5…

This, my friends, most definitely calls for a party.

What: USS Kelly 25th anniversary party
Where: Captain Thalmann’s inlaw’s house
4170 Long Valley Road (about 6100 W) West Valley City, UT
When: Saturday, Septmber 24th– yes, that’s THIS SATURDAY folks
Time: 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Tentative schedule of activities includes:

2:00 p.m. Meet/Mingle and ‘Polynesian’ Style
4:00 p.m. Stuff ourselves silly/eat during Ship business and entertainment
5:00 P.M. end of activity/cleanup begins (easy service points, anyone?)

**Please Note**

This event will have a Hawaiian-Luau theme, and all who attend are encouraged to dress appropriately. Mark the date on your calendars, save the date, and start collecting party favors. This party is going to be one for the record books.

2011 Seventh Fleet Olympics results

The crew of the USS Ticonderoga had a blast at the 2011 Seventh Fleet Olymipcs hosted by the USS Atlantis in Idaho.  Here are the results of having fun with our Star Trek family.

Tribble Hunt (Cadet): Gold- Vivan Trowbridge, Silver- Alex Stock, Bronze- Aurora Stark

Shuttle Launch (Cadet): Gold- Samuel Hollinger, Silver- Vivian Trowbridge, Bronze- Katherine Trowbridge

Geese Juggling (Cadet): Gold- Aurora Stark, Silver- Katherine Trowbridge, Bronze- Aunika Corr

Pin the Tail on the T-Rex (Cadet): Gold- Dakota Hohnstein, Silver- Kelby Marroquin, Bronze- Aurora Stark

Phaser, Shield, Horta (Cadet): Gold- Samuel Hollinger, Silver- Katherine Trowbridge, Bronze- Aunika Corr

Minefield (Cadet): Gold- Dakota Hohnstein, Silver- Samuel Hollinger, Bronze- Alex Stock

Shields (Cadet): Gold- Samuel Hollinger, Silver- Vivan Trowbridge, Bronze- Alex Stock

Orions Pirate Dice: Gold- Lt. Cmdr. Jill Bogler, Silver- Lt. Kasey Stevens, Bronze- Lt. Aaron Stevens

Starfleet Intelligence: Gold- Admiral Carl Stark, Silver- Captain Rex Rouviere, Bronze- Lt. Cmdr. Roger Taylor

Eggscape Pod: Gold- Cmdr. Ross Trowbridge, Silver- Lt. (j.g.) Tristan Vilhauer, Bronze- Lt. Cmdr. Roger Taylor

Subspace Interference: Gold- Lt. Cmdr. Roger Taylor, Silver- Crewman Rick Hauerd, Bronze- Captain Rex Rouviere

Dicey Situation: Gold- Captain Rex Rouviere, Silver- Captain Erica Stark, Bronze- Lt. Dave Stock

Transporter Malfunction: Gold- Lt. Justin Rouviere, Silver- Crewman Josh Taylor, Bronze- Ensign Josh Merrill

Phaser Range: Gold- Lt. Dave Stock, Silver- Captain David Thallman, Bronze- Crewman Rick Hauerd

Saucer Separation: Gold- Lt. Dave Stock, Silver- Ensign Josh Merrill, Bronze- Captain Dave Thallman

Torpedo Lock: Gold- Admiral Dennis Hollinger, Silver- Captain Marla Trowbridge, Bronze- Lt. Dave Stock

Q’Vak: Gold- Ensign Matt Quinn, Silver- Captain Rex Rouviere, Bronze- Lt. (j.g.) Josh Linscott

Shields: Gold- Captain Rex Rouviere, Silver- Lt. (j.g.) Jeremy Rouviere, Bronze- Lt. Cmdr. Jill Bogler

Minefield: Gold- Colby Hohnstein & Dave Stock, Silver- Josh Taylor & Matt Quinn, Bronze- Josh Merrill & Josh Linscott

Power Transfer: Gold- Josh Merrill & Josh Linscott, Silver- Marla Trowbridge & Matt Chism, Bronze- Justin Rouviere & Jeremy Rouviere

Duterium Transfer: Gold- Aunika, Jeff, Josh M, Kenway, Carl, Josh L & Alex  Silver- Vicki, Justin, Jeremy, Dennis, Galen, Colby, Dakota & Kelby

Technobabble: Gold- Aaron, Dave, Carol, Galen, Lilly, Rick, Carl, Tristan & John  Silver- Tristan, Casey, Alex, Marla, Matt, Dennis, Jeremy, Justin, Jill & Ruth

Once again the USS Ticonderoga would love to thank the command and crew of the USS Atlantis for all of the hard work they put into the games.  We also loved seeing all of our Star Trek family in the Seventh Fleet.